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Rated as one of the best IELTS coaching institutes, TBIL provides the candidates with the essential IELTS preparation tips to succeed in the exam. The institute is the final destination for any prospective candidate wishing to realize his overseas dream for the purpose of immigration, study or PR. The institute boasts of faculty who follow a structured and focussed approach in preparing the students for the examination. These experienced teachers are backed by years of experience in the same trade and always stay updated with the trends and pattern of the examination. The team of counsellors and faculty try to evaluate the weak areas of the candidate on which to work on in their first meeting and devise an action plan to be followed to reach the goal. The highlight of TBIL is that it provides individual attention to the needs of each candidate and ensure that they receive the highest band scores, which shall consequently increase their chances of approval of their respective case. What makes their methodology unique is that they have customized courses designed to the needs of each candidate and innovative teaching methodology encouraging effective discussions amongst the students thus enhancing their respective scores.

The institute has every reason to be recognized as a leader in IELTS preparation in Thane.TBIL has a state of art A/V aids that enable the student to have a simulated idea of the actual exam. Each exam is followed by the faculty providing its critiques which enables the candidate to improve the necessary areas. Similarly, the institute prepares the student with effective communication and interview handling skills which prove beneficial for the speaking section of the exam. It has been seen that most of the candidates falter in the examination because of a lack of communication skills or confidence. The institute conducts numerous interview sessions with the candidates with focussing on commonly asked questions in the actual test. The questions may vary on personal topics such as family, education or hobbies, any book or a trip that enjoyed and the reasons for the choice. The institute has an exhaustive list of questions that enables the candidate to answer the asked questions with conviction. Besides the institutes is also aware of the major criteria that the interviewer uses in scoring which comes in handy for the candidate. TBIL not only offers IELTS coaching in all four skills like Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening, but also provides coaching in Public Speaking & Seminar Presentation, Expert Career Counseling & Guidance on Aptitude tests, University & Course SelectionApplication to Universities, Country Selection & Placement Abroad. Permanent Residency Consultancy & Assistance and assistance.



Most of the candidates are sceptical if they shall be able to attain the desired scores, for the simple reason that it is a high-stakes examination. The process for IELTS exam might seem monotonous or tiring for some as some may consider it just a repetition of middle school vocabulary lessons. There are many IELTS coaching institutes that have stressed the importance of understanding the weaknesses and strengths followed by adopting the right strategy to achieve your desired goals. The individuals are recommended to follow a fixed time table in order to cover the syllabus on time. The candidates should allow themselves a sufficient amount of time dedicated to each section of the exam. Understanding the format of each section and the contents of each section shall enable you to understand what to expect on the day of the examination.


Before attempting the exam one should understand clearly the test format, for it helps to prepare you in the right direction. As mentioned before, the IELTS exam is divided into four sections Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking,
Familiarizing with the format of the exam saves a tremendous amount of time, for now, he only needs to be focussed on the topics asked. It is essential that the candidate devotes Allocate formal time each day to learn methods in each section and practice to strengthen your hold on them.

a)Listening 30 minutes
4 audio recordings
40 questions

b)Reading 60 minutes
4 passages (academic) 3 passages (general)
40 questions

Writing 60 minutes
Task 1: 150 words (20 minutes)
Letter (general) – Describe chart/graph (academic)
Task 2: 250 words (40 minutes)
Essay (general and academic)

Speaking:11-14 minutes
Part 1: Interview (personal information)
Part 2: Short presentation (2 minutes)
Part 3: Discussion


Answering questions in the examination within a specific time is the major key to achieve great results. Understanding the structure of the exam should be aptly followed by the right amount of practice to each section of the examination.
It is essential that the candidates dedicate a focussed time to each section, read the study material followed by answering questions. Time Management becomes critical, especially in the Reading and Writing sections. The reading section involves the candidate to answer the following questions after each passage. A student should be prudent in maintaining his reading speed with an understanding of the context. Similarly, practise writing various letters and essays in the given time and get that evaluated by an English Instructor. In the Listening and Speaking Test, the candidates should practice answering the questions through played recordings or conversations with friends or family respectively.


It is important that the candidate should read books on various topics or watch movies or videos from various nationalities. This would provide the students with the familiarization of various accents, and enhance the vocabulary. The best part is that the candidate can carry these activities in their leisure time. Watch videos on topics that interest you, followed by a recollection of the previous events. This technique can prove extremely beneficial in the listening process where it can help you memorize the events in the best way. Read English articles in magazines or national dailies or on social media sites. Any topic is worthy of going through as long as it interests you.


Practice one of the critical steps in order to get a great Band Score in the IELTS exam. All the sections of the exam involve the student to follow three steps Understand the format of the exam, read the study material and lastly the Practice examinations. It is essential that the candidate should practice the key areas. It is essential that the student should practice precis writing. Identification of the main idea of the passage would not only result in enhancing the vocabulary but also his ability to read and listen critically, both of which are important skills for IELTS success. Discuss interesting points with friends and family and try describing them in detail the reasons why you consider it interesting. Again the process provides you with an opportunity to augment your vocabulary. Try striking a conversation in a natural manner with people around you. Having said that, this shall also help you tremendously in the remaining 3 sections of the IELTS exam.

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