Basic Computer Course

Member of the British Council IELTS Partnership Programme. | Resource Partner- Cambridge University Press.for 2018-19



  • Create a new document.
  • Open, save and print a document.
  • Edit and format text.
  • Change the page layout, background and borders.
  • Insert headers and footers.
  • Insert and edit tables.
  • Insert clip art and pictures to documents.
  • Perform a mail merge.
  • Share and review shared document files.


  • Creating a Basic Excel sheet
  • Performing calculations in an Excel worksheet
  • Modifying an excel worksheet
  • Formatting an excel worksheet
  • Printing an excel workbook
  • Managing an excel workbook


  • Work with email
  • Organize inbox and different views
  • Manage junk mail
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Calendar


  • Examine database concepts and explore the Microsoft Office
  • Access environment.
  • Foundation
  • Basic Slide Editing
  • Administration and Fluency
  • Communicating Analysis
  • Making an Impact


  • Examine database concepts and explore the Microsoft Office Access environment.
  • Design a simple database
  • Build a new database with related tables
  • Manage the data in a table
  • Query a database using different methods
  • Design a form
  • Generate a report
  • Import and export data
  • Access Basics
  • Design a Database
  • Build a Database
  • Work with Forms
  • Sort, Retrieve, Analyze Data
  • Work With Reports
  • Access with Other Applications
  • Manage an Access Database


Examine database concepts and explore the Microsoft Office Access environment.

  • Lookup and reference function
  • Logical function
  • Data and Time Function
  • Math and Trigonometry function
  • Text function
  • Database function
  • Conditional formation
  • Using conditional Formatting using multiple cell rule
  • Using color scale and icon sets in conditional formatting
  • Create new rule and managing exit rule
  • Data sorting and filtering
  • Sorting data by value, color
  • Using filter and sort data
  • Pivot tablesv
  • Create pivot tables
  • Using pivot table options
  • Changing and updating data range
  • Pivot chart
  • Creating pivot chart and their usage
  • Formatting pivot charge and make their dynamic
  • VBA Macro
  • Introduction of Macro
  • Recording micro
  • Editing, writing VBA Code and saving as macro
  • VBA Programming Concept
  • VBA Syntax and Semantics
  • Data types
  • Decision making with operator
  • Variable type and declaration
  • Repeating Actions with a Loops
  • Procedures and events
  • User defined functions
  • User forms and GUI
  • Sort and Filter, Pivot Tables and Pivot charts with VBA



  • Basics/ Fundamentals of Accounting (*Introduction *Types of Accounts *Golden Rules of Voucher Entry)
  • Company & Ledger Creation (*Company Creation *Company Information *Ledger Creation *Ledger Grouping)
  • Voucher Creation (*Contra*Payment*Receipt*Journal*Sales*Purchase*Debit Note*Credit Note)
  • Cost Centre Management(*Cost Category Creation *Cost Centre Creation)
  • Inventory Analysis and voucher Creation-Basic(*Stock Groups *Stock Category *Units of Measure *Stock Item *Purchase Order *Sales Order)


  • Basics/Fundamentals of Accounting (*Introduction *Types of Accounts *Golden Rules of Data Entry)
  • Company & Ledger Creation (*Company Creation *Company information *Ledger Creation *Ledger grouping)
  • Voucher Creation (*Contra *Payment *Receipt *Journal *Sales *Purchase *Debit Note *Credit Note)
  • Cost Centre Management (*Cost Category Creation *Cost Centre Creation)
  • Inventory Analysis & Inventory Voucher Creation (*Input VAT/Output VAT *TDS *Service Tax)
  • Taxation Analysis & Taxation Voucher Creation- Advanced (*Stock Groups *Stock Category *Units of Measure *Stock Item *Purchase Order *Sales Order *Receipt Note *Delivery Note *Rejection Outward Note)
  • Foreign exchange Maintenance (*Foreign Currency Creation *Rates of Exchange *Balance Sheet Reflection)
  • Central Excise/ CEN VAT
  • Payroll Analysis and Payroll Voucher Creation


  • PAGE MAKER is software to create various page layouts. We can easily arrange various graphics and text with this software.
  • COREL DRAW is a very popular graphics designing software. It comes with lots of features to complete all type of drawings and designs. With the help of this software you can draw anything what you can imagine. This software is also useful to design simple page layouts. You can also get some help to design webpage with this software.
  • ADOBEPHOTOSHOP is a very popular image editing software. It works with all type of raster images. This software is useful to create, alter, edit and mix images. It comes with some drawing tools also
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