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Best IELTS Classes in Chandigarh & get Study VISA

Best IELTS Classes in Chandigarh & get Study VISA

..Preparation for IELTS to get advantages in studies or career in foreign countries is become tough and more challenging. It’s crucial to prepare in a meticulous way.  Many students and parents ask – is it possible to prepare without any coaching for IELTS? Yes, it is but preparing under the guidance of the best IELTS classes is beneficial in many ways. TBIL is putting its name as one of the best IELTS classes in Chandigarh. It has another branches in Mohali, Mumbai, and Thane and is serving the best IELTS coaching classes there too.

Benefits of IELTS coaching Classes:

  • Understanding and differentiate proper accent of English language for both British accent and American accent.
  • Uses of vocabularies, phrases, proverbs, and grammar correctly.
  • Learning native English accent, with most used phrases.
  • Understanding of managing odd situations during a conversation.
  • Self-development, spoken English speed, and growing confidence.

The British Institute of Language and Overseas Education, always research on preferences of candidates, their weaknesses, and strengths to go through a significant process of teaching. Learning thus making us the best IELTS classes in Chandigarh, Mohali, Mumbai, and Thane.

What should you need to know about IELTS?

This is a little long process to get a Study VISA or a migration VISA for a lucrative career, you must know a few details about IELTS Exam registration, and test modules.

The three major authorized bodies conducting IELTS to accept apprentices ideal for foreign migration or foreign studies are:

1st British Council- Representing worldwide English Education in more than 140 countries.

2nd IDP: IELTS Australia- IDP education in Australia is an Australian Security Exchange LTD. or ASX listed company.  IDP is one of the hearts of the Australian Financial Market and has more than 100 test centers in 60 different countries.

3rd Cambridge Assessment English- a non-profit organization, that works for the betterment of learning the English language worldwide and conducting the English Language tests with the largest dedicated English language research team.

Registration for IELTS Exam:

There are 3 simple steps for IELTS registration:

  • Select Test center: In more than 140 countries there are 1600 IELTS test centers available. You must find at least 2 nearby centers and choose the most preferable one. Before selecting your preferable test center, think about transportation. Do not depend on single way transport. Think about 2 or more than 2 ways transportation availability to avoid any inconvenience. You might get the most nearby center with a single way transportation. Moreover, we always recommend a center where you have at least 2 ways to reach.
  • Register for IELTS Exam: You can register by yourself and pay the registration fee online or you can take help from IELTS training centers. In TBIL, we are not only providing the best IELTS coaching in Chandigarh and always ready to help every single apprentice who connects to us. We are here to help apprentices from center selection to registration and IELTS exam preparations.
  • IELTS Exam booking confirmation: After registration, it’ll proceed with a confirmation mail of test booking including date, time, and location. For 1st 3 modules of the IELTS exam, it’ll be conducted on the same day and location but for the 4th Speaking module, it might be held before or after the tests of the other 3 modules according to convenience.

IELTS exam Modules: The IELTS exam is conducted in 2 types – Academic and General: In both types, modules, timing, question patterns are the same. There are 4 modules in IELTS Exams – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

Listening is the 1st module with a duration of 40 minutes, where the 2nd is Reading and the 3rd is Writing module come with 60 minutes time duration. The Speaking module is the 4th module and a face-to-face test with an examiner and takes only 11 to 15 minutes. Read about IELTS modules in detail here