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Best Studies abroad guidance from Best Consultant in Andheri

Best Studies abroad guidance from Best Consultant in Andheri

Why Studies Abroad Consultant in Andheri, Mumbai ??

5.3 million international students choose to studies abroad each year. This leads us to wonder, why do so many students study outside of their home country?. The below list should help you decide on your next steps in higher education. Whether you’re thinking about studying at the undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD level.

Top 10 reasons to studies abroad to help you decide if it’s the right move for you.

  • Experience world-class education

Some of the most popular study destinations like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia etc. It has a lot to do with the high-quality of education on offer in addition to the unique lifestyles, weather, and natural environments. These countries are home to world-leading universities which attract large cohorts of students for the prestige of the teaching and programmes on offer.

 Studying at a credible university is essential for securing a job after university. Some institutions and courses are particularly well-respected by certain employers, such as a master’s in business administration from a university in the USA. So, if your home country doesn’t offer the same level of education, studying at a university abroad might be the right move for your future.

  • Develop as a person

Leaving your home comforts, family and friends can be tough. However, it’s also an opportunity for you to gain increased independence, autonomy, and new experiences. While you may experience homesickness at first, you’ll soon adapt to your new routine and environment. Living in a new country will broaden your mind as you will be speaking to different people, eating new food, and trying new things.

  • Boost your employment prospects

Studying abroad demonstrates to employers that you can adapt to new surroundings and embrace different cultures. It also shows dedication to your education and ability to learn in an unfamiliar setting. This will look great on your CV even if you just do a year abroad. 

A survey revealed that 41 per cent of employers consider offering a higher salary to students who have studied abroad. It indicates that international students can apply their understanding of culture and global businesses which is appealing to many employers around the world.

  •  Improve your language skills

Studying abroad is one of the best ways to improve your language skills. Immersing yourself in the culture and being forced to interact with people is a sure-fire way to improve. Many courses are conducted in English as it is a global language of education, and it is taught all around the world.

To be accepted onto a course, you will need to prove your proficiency with an English language test (or equivalent) such as IELTS or TOEFL, here at our Institute- The British Institute of Languages and Overseas Education is one of the best studies abroad institute in Andheri. Studying abroad will give you the motivation to Learn English as it will enable you to gain a reputable qualification and boost your employment prospects.

  •  Join an international student community

Many universities around the world are particularly conscious of helping international students to feel at home. This includes running international student welcome events and organized trips to local attractions. This is a great opportunity to meet other international students who will be feeling similar to you, particularly in the first few weeks. 

If you are struggling or you want to find out about events on campus, you can contact the international team at your university or The British Institute of Languages and Overseas Education (TBIL) best institute for studies abroad in Andheri, Mumbai.

  • Gain a unique perspective

Living and studying in a country other than your home can help you to better understand the world. You may see your home country differently or feel passionate about lending your new skills and knowledge to the community back home. Or you may see that there are lots of opportunities to grab hold of in other countries. There are several routes you could take after graduation. So, you never know where it could take you and what perspective it could give you.