Canada Express Entry Latest Draw sends 3600 ITA

Canada Express Entry Latest Draw -Important Guidelines

Canada Express Entry latest draw saw 3600 Invitations to Apply or the ITA to all the eligible candidates. Express entry program has long been the major source of selection of skilled individuals to contribute towards the growth of Canada’s Economy. Besides the program enhances the diversity of the country. The popular option has always been the topmost choice among the prospective overseas immigrants from India.
Government of Canada on a regular basis introduces new programs that seeks to invite skilled applicants to its shores. Completely electronic in nature, the Express Entry has the involvement of  the Federal  provincial governments, and Canadian employers. A number of merit based factors form the basis for the selection of the candidates in the Canada Express Entry Latest draw. Comprehensive Ranking System or the CRS is a set of criteria based on factors such as Age, Qualifications, Language (English and French) Proficiency etc.All these factors form the basis for the candidates selection.
This latest November draw had the CRS reduced to 472 which in fact is 3 points lower than the earlier October draw which had the CRS Score of 475.For the candidates who are unable to figure out their CRS score can do so through the *Canada Express Entry Points Calculator.
The following factors influence the selection for Canada Express Entry Latest Draw.
  1. Age
  2. Language Proficiency
  3. Educational Qualification
  4. Work Experience
  5. Spouse Qualification
  6. Any Sibling who is a citizen of Canada.

The candidates who missed on the November draw should keep looking for the next draw prediction .The candidates can migrate to Canada by many ways , but the scope of the article is limited to Express Entry Visa.

*Canada Express Entry Points Calculator has allotted the maximum points that can be attained the candidate. The above mentioned factors can be summarised under 4 main headings.

  1. Core/Human Capital Factors(Age, Education, Language Proficiency and Experience)
  2. Spouse/ Common Law Factors(Education, Language Proficiency and Experience)
  3. Skill Transferability(Language Proficiency/ Work Experience)
  4. Additional Points(Arranged Employment/ Provincial Nomination/Post Secondary Canadian Education.
Categories of Selection through Canada Express Entry Latest Draw

There are 3 categories under which the candidates can apply to be considered for Canada Express Entry

  1. Federal Skilled Worker(FSW):Individuals who are selected to immigrate to Canada because of their work experience and skills.
  2. Federal Skilled Trades(FST):Skilled workers looking to become permanent residents based on being qualified in a skilled trade.
  3. Canadian Experience Class:Individuals who have already been working in Canada for a year and looking forward to migrate permanently.
Canada Express Entry 2019 selection 

All the eligible candidates automatically enter the Canada Express Entry Latest Draw Pool.They are issued a CRS Score based on Age, Education, Work Experience and Language Proficiency( English or French).In order to justify sufficient English Proficiency skills candidates appear in exams like IELTS or TEF . There are 2 types of IELTS Exam,Academic Training and General Training. The Academic Training is usually given by the candidates who wish to pursue studies abroad. However, for the purpose of immigration General Training is considered.The higher scores are an added bonus, they add on to the overall CRS scores , and key component to Canada Express Entry Latest Draw. Prospective aspirants don’t require a prior job offer to apply, but should know how to register for the IELTS Exam.


As mentioned, English Proficiency is one of the critical elements to ensure your success in Canada Express Entry Program. The Exam has 4 sections and it is essential that the student adopts a focussed strategy each of IELTS sections mentioned below.

The candidates  are evaluated in terms of BAND SCORES which vary from (0-9).Higher IELTS Band Scores in IELTS increases the probability of candidates been ranked higher in the Canada Express Entry Latest Draw Pool.We have seen candidates missing out on their required BAND scores owing to the lack of guidance or having over confidence. One of the many reasons for taking IELTS coaching is that the candidate receives proper and focussed guidance for the exam.

Tie-Breaking Rule

Implementation of the new Tie Breaking Rule under  Canada Latest Express Entry Draw has come into force recently.According to the rule the candidates with a CRS of 450 and higher who entered their profile in the Canada Express Entry latest draw pool received an (ITA) May 1, 2019.The main objective behind was to curb the number of ITA issued. Condition however is that the candidates meeting the minimum CRS  shall receive the ITA ,but the profile should be  submitted before the specified date.

How to Increase Points for Canada Express Entry

The basis for the Canada Latest Express Entry Draw as laid by the Canada’s Government is on set factors mentioned below. There are many candidates who fall short of some points which lead to their rejections. With this close to likelihood of receiving the ITA ,news of not meeting the criteria dashes ones hopes. Now here is great good news for such individuals. There are many ways through which the candidates can aim selection through Canada Latest Express Entry Draw Pool. Now the good news is that these candidates can increase their points through the many options available to them. One should go through Canada’s Immigration guidelines and Target for 2019 for future plan of action The provision is there in the guidelines and the candidates just have to avail it.The candidates whose CRS Score is below the minimum Cut-Off scores,should thus aim at increasing the CRS Scores. Here are the ways through which the candidates can increase their respective CRS points.

Provincial Nomination

This is a great opportunity for a candidate falling short of points in Canada Express Entry Latest Pool . The Candidate in case receives a nomination from a province,gets an extra 600 points.The PNP or the Provincial Nomination Program as its called lends support to the  Express Entry Program.Obtaining a provincial nomination  is often the surest way to boost your CRS score, but usually represents a significant undertaking. Each PNP stream has its own eligibility requirements and application procedure, and processing fees.

Retake Language Tests

Escalating the IELTS Score can improve the chances to make it to  Canada Express Entry Latest Draw Pool.A candidate thus with low scores should improve their IELTS score by adopting workable strategies. There are  other English Proficiency exams that the candidates take such as  TOEFL,CELPIP and the PTE. Retaking the test gives you a probability of a higher score in the examination.Language proficiency is the first and foremost consideration while calculating the CRS scores .Candidates are awarded BAND SCORES for the the proficiency in 4 sections of the test namely Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.Additional points are awarded to students having a foreign experience or an advanced language Proficiency.The candidates scoring Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 9, can get 100 additional combination points through Skill Transferability Factors. Please note that language test results must be less than 2 years old.

Spousal Factors

In the Canada Express Entry Latest Draw Pool, the credentials of Spouses or Common Law Partner are added. Thus a candidate who falls short of the points can use the credentials of the partner/spouse to enhance the CRS Scores.It is important to understand the process , so as to determine in what way the spouse credentials can help. Allocation of CRS points goes a long way in establishing your success in Canada latest Express Entry. Here is how the CRS points are allocated .Here are the

  • Individual:1200 points
  • Individual with Spouse: 40 points to the spouse, with the remaining 1160 for the principal applicant.

Addition of the Spouse’s credentials can make a candidate’s case stronger.In case  both the candidates are strong ,they  each can submit Express Entry profiles. However it should be noted ,that only one member can submit the application for the PR,while others can be considered as dependents.As in the case with any category, candidates should read all the necessary details for application of Spouse Visa.

Work Experience

Provision of additional points is available  in Canada Express Entry Program are awarded on the basis of work experience.A candidate’s level of work experience impacts their CRS score. By gaining additional skilled work experience, a candidate may increase their CRS score. If a candidate gains Canadian work experience, they may also qualify for the Canadian Experience Class program. Candidates gain different levels of CRS points depending on if the work experience was gained in Canada or outside of Canada.

Job Offer

A Valid Offer from a Canadian employer can get the  candidate an additional 50 or 200 points. The number of points is dependent on the skill set of the job.The selected job should be full time and non seasonal for a minimum of 1 year.Besides it should have a skill level of 0, A, or B under the National Occupational Classification (NOC), and have a support of the  Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or be LMIA-exempt.

Avenues Abroad -Success Mantra for Canada New Express Entry Program

Canada offers the best Job Prospects in the areas of Science, Medicine, and Healthcare.There are plenty of opportunities available for everyone  and it makes the Canada Latest Express Entry Draw a great opportunity.The Study costs is affordable and is of high quality.One thing is assured that the coming years are going to be bigger for both Express Entry and PNP Programs and that is what future Aspirants should look forward to. Students should be prudent while choosing an IELTS Coaching Institute.Avenues Abroad is one the best IELTS coaching institutes in Chandigarh.It gets you the latest updates on the immigration thus making the process both Stress-free and Streamlined. The organization is known for having the following

  1. Great Infrastructure
  2. Best Study Material and Methodology
  3. Experienced Faculty for IELTS and other proficiency exams.
  4. Focussed Guidance
  5. Proven Results.

Most of the candidates face visa rejections due to a number of factors.The experienced consultants are there to find the best alternatives for you and are ready to offer helping hand in the entire process from the filing of the application to Post landing assistance making the transition as smooth as possible. Thus it doesn’t come as a surprise that it is preferred institute amongst prospective immigrant students.


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