IELTS Coaching in Andheri – IELTS center in Mumbai

IELTS Coaching in Andheri – IELTS center in Mumbai

5th Floor, 501, Vertex Vikas, Court Lane, Opposite Railway Station, near Metro Station, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400069

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TBIL is providing the best IELTS coaching in Andheri, Mumbai for generation Z and millennials. We understand the ethics and values that the youth is carrying and their high-level potential to do something unique. Here, in our Andheri, the IELTS center in Mumbai, our trainers are well experienced to use their potential to provide the best IELTS coaching.
We guide our students not only to score high but to focus on spontaneous speaking like native speakers. Our versatile spoken English classes are considered one of the best IELTS training in Mumbai.

IELTS training syllabus of IELTS coaching in Andheri, Mumbai:

IELTS is the proficiency test of the English language, organized by the three governing bodies – The British Council, The Cambridge Assessment English, and IDP IELTS – Australia.

In TBIL we follow the updated syllabus of IELTS test modules – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking set down by the IELTS governing bodies. We conduct special IELTS training in Mumbai on all the modules to build English language knowledge and proficiency. 

Listening test module in IELTS Institute

This is usually conducted as the first module of IELTS, divided by the four different sections of conversation or monopoly. The first 2 sections are mostly on the social topics and the last 2 come with the topics on educational issues. The duration is 40 minutes for 40 questions and 10 minutes for transferring the answers at the end. (Learn more on the IELTS listening module here).

Students must focus on listening, and understanding the words, synonyms, and small grammatical challenges of phrases, idioms, phrasal verbs, the form of tens, etc. They must listen carefully, and remember all the topics clearly, recall the conversations or monopoly to answer correctly. In our IELTS classes in Andheri, Mumbai, we focus on uprighting students’ understanding of the English language, concentration, and attention as they can perform well in the listening module of IELTS. 

Writing test module in IELTS Institute

TBIL the IELTS coaching in Andheri, Mumbai strictly follows the rules of writing modules in IELTS to increase progress in writing essays. In the IELTS writing test module, students must write 2 short essays of 150 words and 2 medium essays of 250 words on given topics. The writing topics are provided in the form of data, graphs, or tables for short essays; also conversations, debates, arguments, issues, or challenges are given topics for long essays. Students must provide their points of view, ideas, and solutions in the essays. (Learn more on the IELTS writing module here).

Reading test module in IELTS Institute:

The IELTS reading test module is set down into three sections of passages. Students must answer correctly after reading those passages within 60 minutes for 40 questions. 

Several topics may be included in reading modules to read and answer. Formats have come with matching phrases, MCQs, data info, summary completion, writer’s idea or points of view on some social topics, etc.

Speaking test module in IELTS Institute:

The 4th module is the speaking test in IELTS. This module also has 3 sections of face-to-face interviews with an IELTS examiner to show students’ proficiency, smartness, and common sense of spontaneous speaking. 

We’re conducting one of the best IELTS coaching classes in Andheri, Mumbai, proving exclusive training to our aspirants to prove their eligibility for study abroad or immigration.

Why you  should enroll with TBIL the best IELTS classes in Andheri, Mumbai:

  • Experienced and professional faculties.
  • British Council Certified classes for IELTS.
  • Weekly practice tests, and mock tests to build students’ confidence.
  • Spoken English classes for beginners to business English and advanced English course.
  • Special focus on the growth of each aspirant.
  • Flexible timing and availability of frequent transportation.
  • Providing knowledge and information about current educational trends, tips for getting dream courses, and universities.

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