How to Choose the Right Education Consultant to Study Abroad?


The search for a good overseas university begins months prior to the likely admission date. Shortlisting an institute that is just appropriate for you is identical to finding a needle in a stack of hay. Only after judicious search and meticulous planning one arrives at an institute of choice. A series of factors influence the decision such as the Institute’s reputation or ranking, Location, Subject offerings and above all cost of education(Afterall the cost of education in some of the leading colleges in the US, Canada and UK is exorbitant. Besides being expensive, the overseas universities follow an extensive process consisting of submission of completed Application Forms, proficiency exams scores (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE OR GMAT), official attested education or work experience and Recommendation letters from employers or faculty members. There is no doubt that the entire process is indeed a complicated one and any fallacy can ruin your chances of admission. All the steps from the completion of the application forms until the receipt of approval from the overseas university requires diligence, coordination and attention, and patience which makes the value of professional assistance so critical.
India lately has transformed into a nation where a large number of students are pursuing higher education abroad. Some of the students have even let go of their decision to join the leading institutions of the country to seek admission overseas. Reason for this trend is the passion of each student to study in the world’s best institutes but receive education in a global environment.

Lately, India has turned into a country which is sending a huge number of students to study in abroad every year. The reason for rising craze among students to go abroad for it provides broader career choices in various disciplines. Students have cited reasons as obvious as having a global perspective to general reasons as seeing it as an opportunity to becoming an all-around individual from a global perspective. Considering the growth of the number of international students proceeding to an overseas country, there is no doubt that the need for trustworthy education consultants shall be on the rise. Before going into the details of how to choose a suitable study visa consultant, it is important to know the role they play in the entire process.



One of the most important criteria for selecting your study visa consultant is to verify his background details. Before pledging your commitment to his services it is important to check his track record from friends or any known people. Also, it is extremely important to know how long have they been in operation and how many people have they assisted so far. Some of these consultants claim to have overseas offices. In case you have any relatives residing there, it is a great option to verify the details.


Again it is the credibility of the counsellors and faculty that the candidate has to verify before finalizing them to pursue your case. The infrastructure of the consultancy may seem attractive but one needs to verify the educational qualification and the related work experience they have in the overseas study program. Ask if you can meet any of the past candidate’s family member and try to get their experience with the respective company.


Most of the company have hired counsellors with great communication skills who can simply vow you with their ability to answer your queries. Though the above criteria such as counsellor’s background and student’s success rate reveal a vital share of information, it is not sufficient to conclude your choice of a study consultant. The candidate should seek opinions about the reputation of the organization the study consultant is employed with, reliability such as the candidate’s admission and delivery of promised services. Try to have reviews of the consultant through online testimonials and users’ reviews over Google and other platforms etc. This provides the candidate with unbiased feedback so regarding their credibility in the business.


It is always advantageous to take the assistance of a consultant who has alliances with reputed national or international organizations that work for the welfare of the student community. Students in distant lands can need help and being a part of these organizations, they are in a better standing to address the student’s needs.

Besides the above four points, listed below are points that the study consultant should strive to deliver at any cost

1.Targeted Counselling

Any potential student ambitious to venture abroad has to follow a stringent path, which actually is not as easy as it appears. Aspiring candidates have to fulfil the formalities as laid by overseas universities which have been listed before. These formalities seem more or less like a jigsaw puzzle requiring a lot of attestations, approval and arrangement of myriad documents. The procedure is overwhelming and time-consuming and the student has to accomplish this task besides attending to his regular course curriculum. An overseas study consultant can come to your rescue for they are specialists in overseas education. Not only can they list the various universities according to the subjects of your choice, but can also direct you to secure admission in your desired institution. The student should select a consultant that not only aids in the selection for the best course but also assure the students of maintenance of safety and security right from getting admissions to visa approval.

2.Finance Guidance

The cost of overseas education is extremely high, and it is, for this reason, the desires of many a student of having a global education on their resume is never fulfilled. The study consultants should be so selected who has an in-depth knowledge of the various financial assistance offerings from various schools and colleges. Study Visa consultant can provide you with the guidance of the total cost of the course along with deadlines of application of financial aid. In a nutshell, the study consultant calculates the entire cost of education for you and provides you help in filing for an education loan or various money-saving tips. Once the students take help from overseas education consultant, they get a complete idea of what are the documents they require, the total amount to be spent in education and living and how much amount to be shown to the embassy.

3.Application and Admission Process

A student consultant helps the students by telling them about the options of universities which conduct their preferred course. Not only this, but the consultant also helps them by telling them the fee structure and total estimated expense of staying in a country and guiding them for the admission procedure. The chosen consultant should be proactive and aware of all the application procedures and the necessary requirements.
The Overseas applications not only need to be complete in all respects but also be accompanied by deftly written essays or statements of purpose. The student should understand that he is one of the many other profiles who have submitted applications alongside. The process is extremely competitive and in order to be in good standing, the applicant needs to be amongst the best in all criteria. Guidance is always required during the process as a slightest of error can ruin your chances. The study consultant should not only provide the necessary support but also ensure that the student has followed the university guidelines in all aspects. One of the important criteria of admission are the standardized tests, the scores of which are critical for the student to secure admission. Some of the best student visa consultants shall help you prepare for the exam systematically at the centre.

4.Visa Application

One needs to have the visa approval from the respective consulate or embassy in order to depart to your desired destination of overseas studies. The student should ensure to carry all the documents along with the letter of admission to the respective program. Again an error in the completion of the form or lack of an important document can result in the denial of the visa. The study consultant should provide the necessary assistance at every step from the arrangement of the document to the application of the visa. The most intricate and formidable step is getting a Visa, which is the concluding step before departure. Study consultant should ensure that the student has all the necessary documents for the visa. Involvement of Study visa consultants who owing to their vast experience in this field can actually accentuate a candidate chance for the visa.

5.Departure and Post Landing

Another advantage of associating with a trustworthy study consultant is that their service doesn’t terminate with your visa approval. Some of the best study consultants not only ensure your admission but also arrange your departure and post landing facilities such as affordable accommodation until the student gets his own. Choose a consultant who can get you in touch with other students who they have sent abroad in the past. Most of the reputed study consultants have associations with Universities who can also arrange accommodation post landing. Some of the consultants even provide assistance with job search during the course or once you graduate.

There are many consultants who send students nationwide to various countries for higher studies. Choosing a consultant requires extreme prudence and one should choose a study consultant with caution. With so many choices around, the candidate is likely to get confused. This perplexing question can be addressed by asking the consultants all the queries you have in mind besides being proactive in following the above-mentioned criteria. Most of the candidates fall prey to the lucrative assurances some of the study abroad consultants give, but being proactive and doing a little bit of research can put you in a better standing of getting an admission letter of the overseas university of your choice.

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