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Advance English

Advance English for IELTS Exam:

As Advance English student, you have reasonable proficiency but intend to excel in your command over the language. You want to Shine in the group – Stand Taller in the crowd. Fluency along with correct grammar usage is to be learnt and practiced. Longer Conversations will help you get the bigger picture of English communication.

  • Thematic and Concept Vocabulary
  • Understanding the Finesse & Richness of English Language
  • Using Phrasal Verbs, Contractions and Collocations.
  • Using Stress & Tone variation in your Conversation.
  • Achive higher fluency level.
  • Combining your communication skills along with soft skills
  • Learn how to Debate or Present a topic.

Who should join the Advance English course:

  • Housewives, Students, Professionals, Executives intending to enhance their conversation skills.

Gearing up

  • Identifying the needs of your Communication Level .
  • Skills of Active Listening, Clarification & Reflection
  • Overcoming barriers of Effective Communication
  • Creating a Power Bank Vocabulary
  • Knowledge of Word-Origins, Roots, Suffix and Prefix.

Sharpen your Grammar with Advance English

  • Noun, Adjective, Adverb, Pronoun, Conjunction
  • Detailed lesson on Tenses, Verb and Preposition
  • Standard Application of Grammar

Get-Smart Conversation and Writing

  • Situational Dialogue Practice
  • Office Communication
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Communication through Mails
  • Business Presentation
  • Collating & Organizing Information

Power Group Activities

  • Techniques of Speech- Practice Session
  • Accent Neutralizing & Fluency
  • Debate & Group Discussion
  • Practice using Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving, Reasoning, Analysis, Interpretation and Personal Expression.

Introduction to Public Speaking

  • Research, Organize & Planning Content
  • Use of Metaphors, Oxymoron, Quotations.
  • Keeping up the Interest of your Audience
  • Learn how to Grab Attention of your Audience and Close in a Dynamic Way.

Professional & Advance English Writing Techniques

  • Learning to Focus on Content.
  • Maintaining Grammar, Clarity& Conciseness for Impactful writing.
  • Do’s and don’ts , Rules of Professional Writing
  • Seminar resentation

Personality Development & Soft Skills with Advance English

  • Confidence Building Exercises
  • Leadership & Teambuilding Skills
  • Using Empathy, Escalation & Enthusiasm in your Communication.
  • Incorporating People skills, Hard-Skills & Tool-Proficiencies
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Attaining Sophistication & Finesse in your body language

Get Job Ready

  • CV writing
  • Interview Skills
  • BBC audio visuals
  • Interview FAQs
  • Mock Interviews
  • Stress Interviews