Beginners English

We realize that your level of English understanding is very low and even after trying hard all by yourself, you couldn’t manage to speak much. What are the reasons?

  • Low vocabulary range.
  • Not much English speaking at home.
  • School education did not provide enough English language learning.
  • Poor listening capability – hence you don’t understand much when you listen to English topics

Who should join ?

  • Vernacular Medium Students who are experiencing setbacks in their career due to their lack of English Understanding.
  • Women wanting to start a working or smarter life.
  • Older Candidates wanting to start their career afresh or parents who need to get in touch through computers with their family abroad.

What will we do for you ?

We will structure English language basics for you.
We will start with “Memory Section” where we explain you how to learn vocabulary without forgetting.
Our next section will be “Pronunciation” where we will teach the phonics of all the alphabets.
After you have worked on pronunciation, we will start Beginners Grammar. Its taught from very basic level, so its easy to understand. Each topic has fun games & interactive sessions.
You will learn Listening practice through Cambridge English Resources .We make you practice how to understand and learn from English Programs. You will also learn How to Greet People, How to Start a Conversation, and How to answer short questions. You can learn Body Language & Confidence Building through practice classes. You will be taught to speak short self-introductory paragraph, so you can speak about yourself smartly. After completion of Beginners English Language training from TBIL, your fear will diminish and you will believe that everyone can learn to speak English.

Train the Brain

Thematic vocabulary

Picture study


Fun Grammar, through picture study

Grammar Games

Tongue Training

Dialogue Reading Practice

Listening & Telling stories

Frequent Practice Tests

Daily doubt- clearing sessions.

Handling fear of English Language