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Business English

Business English for IELTS Exam:

We at The British Institute of Languages & Overseas Education, have devised Business English as a career tool to strengthen your language skills within your Business environment. Business English Course enhances your ability to do business with high profile clients thereby improving your chances of career progression. Practical Training Workshops on diverse topics keeping in mind the requirements of the ever-changing dynamics of the Corporate Communication. On successful completion of the course you will gain appreciation & respect of your colleagues & confidence of your bosses.
You will be taught how to perfect your Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, understand the concepts of Effective Speaking & Assertive Communication, achieve exemplary finesse in Global Communication and put your confident step forward.

Who should Join the Business English Course?

  • Corporate highfliers & Business Professionals wishing to take their career to the next level
  • Department heads, Corporate Officers, who will be able to contribute to the company’s bottom line with improved communications & presentations skills.
  • Professionally Qualified Individuals.
  • Media, Law, Hospitality Professionals
  • Ladies who put a break in their career or shifted in Mumbai from a different city , intending to restart their career .
  • Professional Trainers.
  • People Communicating in the high-end society or client base.

Brush the basics

  • Multiplying your vocabulary intelligently.
  • Learning & Using of Business Vocabulary.
  • Vocabulary retentionthrough Memory Training.
  • Enhanced Grammar
  • Preposition, Voice, Tenses
  • Idioms, Proverbs
  • Using Figures of Speech – Anaphora, Euphemism, Hyperbole, Metaphor , Oxymoron and Synecdoche for Sophisticated and Superior Communication.

Speaking Skills & Accent Training of Business English

  • Usage of Correct Phonetics, Stress,
  • Breaking up of Sound Syllables
  • Sounds of Silent Alphabets, Dipthongs, Vowels and Heavy Consonants.
  • Accent,Rhythm andIntonation
  • Maintaining Interaction and Conclusion Tone
  • Mother Tongue Influence removal.
  • Using Visualisation Technique to enhancefluency
  • Fluency Exercises through Mind Mapping

Business English AT WORK

  • Making Meetings work
  • Planning & Negotiating
  • Money Matters
  • Communication & Networking.
  • Mock interview, Stress interview, dealing with FAQs in Interview
  • Resume, Mails and Various Officials Drafts
  • Enhanced Social Interaction Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Selling Skills
  • Crises & ContingencyPlanning

Communication Skills

  • Understanding your communication needs
  • Learning 7Cs of Communication
  • Assertive Communication
  • Business Storytelling
  • Keeping it Simple.
  • Positive Communication

Achieving Group Discussion & Debate Skills

  • Opening doors for people
  • Being a better Listener
  • Making introduction
  • Expressing ideas on current affairs
  • vInterpersonal skills
  • How to not babble in an ongoing discussion
  • Opening & Closing Lines.

Memory Training For Business Communication

  • Linking Method
  • Peg Method
  • Using Visualization Technique to enhance fluency
  • Enhanced & Effective Communication through Mind Mapping

Professional Writing Techniques

  • Planning and organizing information.
  • Building the communication infrastructure.
  • Preparing readers to understand and act.
  • Providing a clear framework that guides readers.
  • Using explicitly clear explanations.
  • Maintaining Brevity, Clarity & Effectiveness.
  • Communicating technical subjects clearly to non-technical readers.
  • Polishing, Proofreading& Formatting final draft.

Public Speaking

  • Comprehensive training on public speaking
  • Guidelines to systematic steps for preparing speech
  • Focused Research And Organizing Ideas Logically
  • Using Quotations, Facts, and Statistics
  • Using Figures of Speech for Enhanced Impact
  • Business Storytelling – Starting strong and closing stronger
  • Incorporatinggesture, humour& using 3 dimensional space for Super Impact
  • Identifying your audience and connecting & interacting with them
  • Using Accent&Intonation.
  • Learning about Attention-Spans and maintaining Time limits
  • Handling Nervousness and Building Confidence.
  • Combining Soft skills effectively to handle difficult situations.
  • Press conference
  • Development of Presentation Skill
  • Seminar Presentation Technique