Learning German: Reasons & Benefits

Why Should You Learn German?

German is easy to learn and acquire because both German and English language share the same Germanic root. The alphabets are same. Those who knows English for them learning German is understanding only with four additional alphabets, it becomes easy to grasp the language.

Learning German language to bridges the path to a higher education that is recognized worldwide!

There are a number of Universities that charges low tuition fee for German system. Every year thousands of Aspiring students migrate to Germany seeking for the best institutions to satisfy their requirements of Graduation, Master’s or Doctoral degree. Learning German can save your student-debt.

Germany is financially strong:

Avail the scope of business expansion along with the needed German proficiency.  Germany is among the largest economy in the European Union. It is considered among the fourth largest across the globe.

The country harbors multiple international companies and is a frontier of innovative technologies. Young Entrepreneurs from the business world should consider brushing up on their Deutsch so that they can foray into the coveted German territory.

German global market leaders prefer candidates with German knowledge along with other necessary qualifications. Are you ready to work for an international market leader? The addition of German skills on your resume would be an ideal way to enhance it and open the door for numerous opportunities.

Various global economic players such as Siemens, Lufthansa, Volkswagen and Adidas are based out of Germany. Some of the most eminent international trade fairs are also hosted in Germany such as CeBIT and IFA.

German language is popularly spoken in the European continent:

The official languages of Europe include 3 languages-English, French and Germany. Of these 3 languages, Germany is considered to be second most widely used language in European Union.

The presence of German language is quite prevalent online:

The virtual world gives you access to millions of people from the convenience of your home. The web presence of Germany can be accessed worldwide through the channel of internet. If you understand Germany, you would have access to 15 million websites additionally. This number is excluding German websites that finish with .net, .org and .info

Levels of learning German:

Level A1:

At the beginning, we will make you understand about using of familiar everyday words and very simple sentences. Also, how to introduce yourself and others, how to interact with others and ask them about themselves.

Level A2:

In this level we mainly focus on understanding of simple and routine situation that directly deals with a very simple and direct exchange of information on a very familiar, basic and common topic.

Level B1:

After completion of this level, you will be better able to understand the main points of language, especially that are discussed on familiar matters in school or office.

You can deal with the situations that are very commonly encountered while traveling in a region where this language is spoken widely.

Level B2:

After this level or stage, you would be able to communicate with a grade of fluency and spontaneity. This will enhance your regular conversation with native speakers and makes possible to interact without putting extra effort by you or your conversation partner.

Level C1:

Completion of this level means, you can use this language flexibly and effectively, especially in your social, academic and professional life.

Level C2:

After reaching at the end of this level, you can understand everything effortlessly whatever you hear or read. You would be able to summarize and express written and spoken information fluently.