Essential Strategies for Maximizing Your IELTS Speaking Test Score

Essential Strategies for Maximizing Your IELTS Speaking Test Score
Thought of Maximizing you IELTS Speaking Score and not able to do so. One needs to strike at the appropriate strategies in order to achieve so. Many overseas bound aspirants need to clear their IELTS examination as a part of their eligibility for admission, work permit or even Immigration. Whatever may be the reason for moving to an overseas destination, this ever-popular English Proficiency has to be given. There are 4 sections in the IELTS exam attributed to Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Candidates need to get a high score( measured in Bands ranging from 0-9) in the examination as well as the various sections of the examinations. Though all the sections hold an integral place in terms of its importance, yet when it comes to the speaking section of the IELTS examination, most of the otherwise seeming confident individuals face nervousness. There is no doubt that a high BANd SCORE in the IELTS Speaking Test increases the probability of a high score in the final IELTS examination.  There is no doubt, that in order to maximize your IELTS Speaking Test Score of BAND SCORE of 7 or above , the main prerequisites are tremendous dedication, focussed effort  IELTS Scores are accepted worldwide by various academic institutions and leading government organizations. In spite of the growing number of IELTS applicants every year, there is an exceedingly large number of candidates fail who to achieve the ‘Band Score of 7′ or more, owing to the lack of guidance for the IELTS Speaking Test. This current article introduces you to some of the strategies that can aid you maximize your IELTS Speaking Test Score. Also, the article touches on how ‘ The British Institute of Languages and Overseas Education’ fills the void of the IELTS coaching through their high-quality IELTS coaching program.
Factors that Lead to decrease in your IELTS Speaking Test Score
The Speaking Test’ is nothing but a test of a candidate’s proficiency of being able to strike on a seamless conversation with the examiner. Maximizing your IELTS Speaking Test score definitely requires tremendous time and effort especially for the candidates from ‘Non-English Speaking Schooling Backgrounds’. Having said that it is a challenging scenario for someone who is not familiar with the language or lacks adequate English speaking skills . Such individuals are bound to struggle in the speaking section thus resulting in a low IELTS Speaking Test Score. Importance of mentorship under the able guidance of tutors from one of the best IELTS coaching institutes in Chandigarh, TBIL is the right strategy. Institute embarks on maximizing your ‘IELTS BAND SCORE’ in Speaking, through the discussion of the important factors which are often ignored by the students. These factors if ignored can result in the significant decrease of your IELTS Speaking score. While preparing for the IELTS speaking test, the candidate should understand from the perspectives of the examiner. Basically what the candidate is rated on is the accumulation of 5 factors mainly Vocabulary, Accuracy, Fluency and Coherence, Pronunciation, and finally Grammar. In order to achieve a high IELTS Speaking Test Score, one should not make trade-offs on the factors.
Strategize your IELTS Speaking Test
One can achieve a high IELTS Speaking Test Score through practising over and over again. Main idea should be focussed on not only becoming familiar with the various accents but also their effective use in the conversation. The examiner also looks for the effective use of slang and use of appropriate phrases in order to hike your IELTS Speaking Test Score. Simulating the speech of a native for someone who has never used the language before is a challenging equation. There is no doubt that when a candidate starts from scratch, the time it requires to be proficient in English is long. Thus it is important that the candidate should set a timeline for himself when he wants to appear for the examination and in case he has to start from the very basics at least a minimum of 8-10 months of preparation is required. Instructions and guidance of any one of the best IELTS coaching institutes such as ‘The British School of Languages and Overseas Education’ or TBIL come as a blessing for individuals requiring coaching in the IELTS Speaking Test. Getting to know the nuisances of English Speaking such as Vocabulary, pronunciation, and use of Linking verbs enables the candidates to higher IELTS speaking Test Scores. Testimonials and Rave reviews from past candidates have been proof of the institute’s drive towards delivering a quality IELTS education and empowering the candidates to dream big towards a lucrative overseas career. have made us strive more towards the improvement of the standards of IELTS education. Here are some of the strategies which one can adopt to have an edge in the speaking section of the IELTS exam.
1. Don’t try to present yourself as someone
One of the essential parameters that determine your IELTS speaking test score is trying to deliver rehearsed answers or answer like a robot. Most of the candidates we had a chance to speak to-rated nervousness as the reason for their low IELTS Speaking Test Scores. Our advice to all those is never to fear the examiner and consider him as an individual who you want to strike a conversation with. There is no doubt that fear leads to low IELTS Speaking Test score. Candidates should kindly note that fear factor leads many a candidate to forget the rehearsed words thus leading them to further nervousness. Thus in order to receive a 7 + BAND score in pronunciation, the need of the hour is to incorporate the emotion in his conversation. The strategy works wonders as it makes him stress on important phrases and words that examiner is looking to hear.
2. Focus on the Psyche of the Examiner
There is no doubt that a high IELTS Speaking Test score is a measure of how the examiner rates you on the five factors listed earlier. Thus a key element in order to have a high IELTS Speaking Test Score is understanding what the examiner is actually looking for in an answer. Thus the essential secrets of achieving success in the IELTS Speaking Test is understanding what the exam is actually testing. For someone who is just a novice in the preparation, it is a wise strategy to study under the mentorship of a tutor or a teacher who shall work on building the essentials for the main exam. There is no doubt that the candidate should have a high proficiency in English Speaking for either academic or professional purposes.
3. Integrate the use of interesting vocabulary for a high IELTS Speaking Test Score
One stands a greater chance of obtaining a high IELTS Speaking Test Score through the incorporation of suitable high-end idioms, phrases and linking words in the conversation. The candidate is judged on their ability to strike a fluent conversation without frequent hiccups  Using appropriate slang in Part 1 and Part 2 elevates your vocabulary at a high level. For instance, to answer the examiner to show that you like something, you can say that you are over the moon about it, or it thrills you to bits. Higher vocabulary needs to be used with each part of the IELTS Speaking Test.Part 3 of the English Speaking involves the candidate to speak for a couple of minutes on a topic given to him on a cue card. Again the same set of rules apply. Use of Phrases and Idioms enhance the appeal of the conversation thus ensuring you extra brownie points needed for a high IELTS Speaking Test Score.
4. Range of Linking Words
As is mentioned in the previous point, the use of linking words in conversation grant you a high IELTS Speaking Test Score. Use of Prepositions and Conjunctions are of significant value, in each of the different parts of the IELTS Speaking Test can definitely result in higher IELTS Speaking Test Score. While Parts 1 and 2 use more common words such as and, but, also, and as well, Part 2 involves time words such as next, subsequently, after that, and at long last and last but not the least attempt try using a high level and impressive linking words and phrases, such as subsequently, as a result, moreover, and furthermore. Use of the linking words and phrases leads to the candidate having a high IELTS Speaking Test Score.
5. Practice Speaking English with Friends and Family
In order to achieve a high IELTS Speaking Test Score, it is important to take into consideration all the important facets of English speaking be it vocabulary, pronunciation, coherence or accuracy. Embarking on a seamless discussion without any possible glitches is what the IELTS examiner rates the candidate on. Thus in order, to improvise the skills, it is absolutely the need of the day that one has a member of the family, friend or a mentor who is fluent in English and is able to inform the students about his flaws and suggest remedies to resolve them. The best way is to find a native speaker with who you can chat to improve the overall fluency and pronunciation and practice speaking test questions. Also, have a mentor grade your English Speaking Skills. From a personal perspective and considering that we have less time on disposal, joining the best IELTS coaching centre is an ideal choice.
There are other strategies that should be followed by the candidates to score high in the IELTS Speaking section. Dressing decent or including apt greetings before the onset and conclusion of the speaking Test. TBIL, one of the best IELTS coaching institutes in Chandigarh has the cities best infrastructure housing an exhaustive collection of study material and prudent management who are well versed with both admissions as well as Permanent Residency. The Faculty is backed by years of experience who ensure that the candidates are prepared from the final exam perspective.
However the ‘SUCCESS MANTRA’ you need to follow to get a ‘HIGH IELTS SPEAKING TEST SCORE’ is ‘Open your mouth, and SPEAK ENGLISH’.

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