French Classes

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Dedicated French Classes to Learn and Master French

With the French language gaining popularity across the globe due to its usage as an official language in several international organizations, there is a growing demand for learning it. Speaking French can help you travel and work abroad. At TBIL, we understand your need and encourage and motivate you to learn a language in way that brings interest in you.

We offer customized curriculum to suit your requirement, as well as fit your interests so that you have enough freedom to learn at your own pace and internalize it.

French Courses We Offer

Where you are a prospective Canada immigrant, who needs specialization in French, you need to undergo French language learning to take a diploma like DELF (diplôme d’études en langue française) or DALF (diplôme approfondi de langue française) and get certified. Our experienced trainers will guide you through the levels of Basic, Independent and Proficient, wherein you will be certified anywhere between DELF/DALF A1 and DELF/DALF C1 based on your proficiency.

Other than the diplomas, we also offer you TCF (Test de connaissance du français), which is a proficiency test in French language. By ranking candidates on any of the CEFRL levels, this standard test determines your proficiency in French through reading and written comprehension and language construction.

Why Should You Join TBIL for French Classes in Chandigarh ?

When learning a new language, it is essential to learn it in an active and congenial environment. We offer French learning in interactive classrooms in Chandigarh to get you into real-time situations to help learners acquire both spoken and written, as well as expression and comprehension skills. Being at our French language institute in Chandigarh, you go through various stages of active learning from finding and learning stage to practicing and mastery stage and for the purpose our highly skilled trainers guide you through a systematic method of learning using the most effective and latest method of training.

With a diverse group of learners that include both corporate employees and students from different places, you get to learn French in a real cross-cultural learning environment, with a lot of fun activities to help progress your language learning and gain autonomy.

Our French language classes in Chandigarh helps you facilitate communication in the work surroundings where French is required and excel and create goodwill in the company. Our experts at the French institute in Chandigarh will talk to you, know your requirements and suggest and train you to the level required from the basics.