How to choose the Best Coaching Institute for IELTS Exam Training


IELTS or (International English Language Testing System) which tests a candidate’s English proficiency in four sections mainly Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The exam is being taken by prospective individuals for immigration, study and employment. High BAND scores in the exams are often considered by the officials as a standard for approval of the application. Thus, it becomes even more critical to search for the best IELTS institute which can impart comprehensive education to the candidate. There are numerous institutions which proclaim themselves to have state of the art IELTS programs, but one needs to ascertain if, in fact, they hold true. The scope of the current article is limited to explaining some of the criteria that can help you select the best IELTS coaching centre in Chandigarh.


Many of the IELTS coaching institutes such as TBIL offer demo classes where a student can actually visit the institution to have a feel of the actual classroom ambience. Demo classes provide an opportunity not only to meet with the faculty of the institute and the teaching methodology, and most importantly the results the institute has delivered over the years. Also, these demo classes are a means to ascertain whether the IELTS coaching centre meets the candidate’s needs and expectations. It is important to have exposure to some lectures to have an understanding of the teaching format. Having said so, there are many institutes that do not provide demo or trial classes, but the candidates should be proactive to sense the credibility of the institute through the Counsellors and Faculty’s spoken skills, ability to answer queries, expertise and fluency. The classes provide the students to actually discuss with the teachers their objectives and whether the institute has what it takes to fulfil their objectives.


Besides the study methodology, the study curriculum plays an indispensable role in the choice of the institute. Assurance of the detailed coverage of the entire syllabus of all the four sections of the exam within the remaining time should be what the candidate should be seeking. In the event, the institute explains its inability to finish the task within the promised time, they should be avoided. Watch out for institutes who put across false promises as a bait to attract the students. Before joining the institute it is important to seek reviews from online and friends. Talking to the previous students to have an idea about its reputation provides a fair idea of the institute’s credibility. Besides, it is all the more helpful for it provides information which is not even mentioned in the testimonials online.


As mentioned earlier, an exam like IELTS requires the student to have proficiency in four areas of English Proficiency such as Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Just like any other exam, dedicate more time to the exam is what is expected of a candidate. Most of the candidates who prepare for the exam also attend their regular coursework classes besides attending the classes at IELTS coaching centre. Having a centre at close proximity to home saves commuting time which the individual can dedicate to its preparation. Also, the accompanying hassles like stress and fatigue that accompany the commuting take away the focus from the study and adding to the more leisure time. In addition, the institute’s location reveals a great deal about the faculty hired as they are hired mostly from the close proximity. Thus one should be extremely vigilant to choose an institute which he can have access at his own ease. Considering the location is extremely important the TBIL is situated in one of the famous sector 17 of Chandigarh.


It is highly recommended that the student should consider joining an institute that encourages smaller batch sizes. There are many advantages associated with small batch sizes. The faculty not only gets an opportunity to communicate freely with the students to understand their doubts but can also take notes of each candidate’s weak and strong areas. This information is critical in imparting the correct guidance to each student. Each student is different and thus the teacher can easily plan the curriculum to deliver up to the expectations of all. Had it been a large group, most of the attention is captured usually by candidates who have great communication skills and ask many questions in the class. The shy or the introverts are just left around the corner with their queries unanswered.


The candidates are also advised to check with the institute about what are the additional benefits that they shall be receiving along with the study material. Some of the best IELTS institutes in Chandigarh like the TBIL is known to provide the students with additional benefits besides the teaching lessons. These items include e-lectures, online test series, apps to evaluate one’s performance along with the weak and strong areas. Also, these coaching institutes provide each individual students with the tips and techniques to improve their respective scores.TBIL, for instance, is also a widely reputed institution for conducting classes in communication and English speaking.

There is no doubt that the choice of a single institute for IELTS coaching is extremely strenuous and even more so considering that your overseas career is at stake. Thus it is always a better strategy to research, probe and ask before committing to a single institute. There shall be many institutes who try to entice candidates by offering guaranteed BAND scores or placements at the leading universities in the world, but it is always a wise option to be aware and active and not fall prey to these false assurances. There is no doubt that infrastructure gets most the candidates attracted, however, one needs to see what values and services are housed under that elaborative infrastructure. Candidate should also make it a point to adopt English as a means of communication and practice writing on various topics associated with health, politics, education, technology and sports. This practice shall enable the individuals to hon his English language skills and provide him with the confidence to ace the exam.

We strongly believe that accompanied by hard work and joining any of the best IELTS coaching institutes in Chandigarh with the above characteristics is what is required to ace the exam.

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