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Australian Immigration

Australian Immigration
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Australian Immigration

Who can search for relocation & Australian immigration?

  • Work & Settle in Australia with Family/ Individual.
  • Relocate smartly to Australia with a job & PR visa in hand
  • Get Citizenship after 4 years stay in Australia on PR Visa
  • Free Education
  • Free Medicals
  • Unemployment benefits on PR Visa

Requirements for Australian Immigration Process:

  • Occupation listed in SOL
  • 12 months Visa Process
  • Stage wise Investment upto 3.5 Lakh for single applicant PR Visa

Australian Immigration VISA:

Australia provides three types of VISA for Australian immigrants.


  • 60 points to qualify
  • Permanent residence visa
  • Family visa
  • Can live and work in any part of Australia
  • Valid for 4 years after which you may apply for citizenship


  • 60 points to qualify
  • Permanent residence visa
  • Family visa
  • State / Territory sponsored visa, applicant gets PR for that particular state/territory only.
  • Can live and work only in that particular state/territory which sponsors your skills.
  • Valid for 4yrs. After 4 yrs, you can apply for citizenship.

Points are given on the basis:

  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Work experience
  • English Language proficiency (IELTS mandatory)
  • Occupation in SOL and MODL list (list for skills in demand in Australia)