Reading Module: IELTS Exam

The reading module lasts 60 minutes. The reading passages and the questions will be given to you in a question booklet. You can write in the question booklet but cannot take it from the room. You will write the answers in the answer booklets. You will have only 6o minutes to read, answer the questions and mark your answers.

Reading module: Academic Reading

60 minutesRead 3 passages and answer 40 questionsGeneral interest topics written for a general audienceJournals, magazines, books, newspapers

Reading module: General Training Reading

60 minutesRead 3 passages and answer 40 questionsBasic social English training topics General interestNotices, flyers, timetables, documents, newspaper articles, Instructions and manuals

Question types

There are many types of questions used in the Reading module. You should be familiar with all these types

  1. Multiple choice
  2. Short answer
  3. Making notes
  4. Summarizing
  5. Sentence completion
  6. Labeling diagrams, plans and maps
  7. Chart completion
  8. Classification
  9. Flowchart completion
  10. Matching
  11. Graphs
  12. Selecting from a list
  13. Tables

Reading tips - Before taking the test

  1. Read as much as possible in Englishv
  2. Read a variety of topics from different sources
  3. Keep a notebook of the new words you learn
  4. Try to write these words in a sentence. try to put these sentences into a paragraph
  5. Learn words in context. Don’t be afraid to guess meanings
  6. Know the types of questions
  7. Know how to make predictions
  8. Know how to skim and scan, to look quickly for information

Reading tips - During the test

  1. Read the title and any headings first. Make predictions about the topic
  2. Look over the questions quickly. Make predictions about content and organizations
  3. Read the passage at a normal speed. Don’t get stuck on parts or words you don’t understand.
  4. When you answer the questions, don’t spend too much time on the ones you don’t feel sure about. Make a guess and go on
  5. Don’t spend more than 20 minutes on each passage
  6. The last passage is longer and more complex, so save more time for that
  7. Be sure to write your answers before the time is up
  8. Learn to understand true/false and yes/no questions. They are the most difficult of all.

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