Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali

Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali

The British Institute of Languages or otherwise known as TBIL (Member of the British Council IELTS Partnership Program) is most acclaimed and one of the best institute for IELTS coaching Mohali. The city also known as Ajitgarh or Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar ,  is the commercial hub lying south-west of the capital city of Chandigarh. Graduates from some of the elite Institutions such as IISER, Chandigarh University, Institute of Nano Science and Technology (INST), Punjab College of Engineering and Technology and University Law College look forward to embarking on career journey abroad in countries like Canada, UK and Australia.

One of the foremost criteria is the establishment of adequate proficiency in the English Language through exams like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE to name a few. The basis for immigration is the Comprehensive Ranking System on the basis of which the Invitation to Apply(ITA) is sent. The Comprehensive Ranking System is a combination of various factors such as Age, Educational Qualification, Experience, IELTS Score, Points for a blood relation who is Citizen.

Why IELTS is so Important?

Whatever might be the reason for immigration , the IELTS Score is definitely one of the decision-making factors  which the officials consider. There are many universities that base their selection decision on the BAND SCORES obtained in the IELTS Academic Test. High IELTS Band Scores determine the candidate’s likely adaptability to the new English Speaking environment and builds the foundation for admission.

IELTS BAND SCORES are also integral for both Immigration and Employment. Immigration and Employment Officials rate the candidate’s English Proficiency for making their final decision. With this mind it becomes even more prudent for the candidate to do well in the IELTS exam.

Highlights of TBIL-Best IELTS coaching Institute in Mohali

TBIL, over the years has gone on to become one of best IELTS coaching institutes in Mohali. Outstanding results year after year in the IELTS exam are a proof of the institute’s commendable commitment in ensuring the success of the students.Here are the some of the highlights that makes it the preferred choice among prospective candidates.

  1. Great infrastructure with spacious rooms .
  2. Adept Faculty with years of experience in mentoring students for IELTS .
  3. Small Batch sizes ensure great Learning ambience.
  4. State of the art Study material indigenously designed that is strictly in accordance with syllabus.
  5. Outstanding results with majority of candidates scoring a BAND score of 7.5 and above.
  6. Complete counselling post IELTS exam to ensure that the candidates achieve their goals.
  7. Assistance with fulfilling the Pre and Post IELTS such as applying for the Institutions and Visa, Travel and accommodation respectively.
  8. Equipped with the best arrangement of Audio- Visual Aids that are important elements of all the sections of the IELTS Examination.

Services provided by TBIL, Mohali

The services provided by TBIL, Mohali are not limited to just addressing a few needs. Rather the facility has all the necessary resources that the student would require to ace the most  resources popular English Proficiency Exam. The IELTS course curriculum has been designed by the finest educationists who have years of experience in working in the country’s leading institutes or universities.Here are a few services provided by The British Institute of Languages and Overseas Education, Mohali.

1.  Student Assessment 

The institute’s able counselling staff ensures that they understand the student’s requirements before suggesting them with the apt route to follow.A meeting with the candidate enables the staff to understand the requirements followed by stepwise methods to enable them reach their desired destination.

2. Customized IELTS Coaching

Based on the candidate’s level of proficiency, the institute has designed courses. For instance there are candidates who have not studied in an English Medium, while there are others who might need assistance just a couple of sections  only. What makes TBIL as one of the best IELTS coaching institutes in Mohali is that it caters to a diverse audience.

Best IELTS Coaching Institute in Mohali

Best IELTS Coaching Institute in Mohali

Study curriculum is as per the latest updates from the conducting bodies such as IDP, British Council or the Cambridge assessment. This ensures that the student prepares exactly in accordance with the prevailing exam format.

Considering that students face challenges in understanding an array of accents and managing speed in the exam, valuable tips have been included in the course curriculum. With the most comprehensive learning experience offered to students, TBIL strives to ensure high BAND SCORES in the examination.

3.Special Courses for Students and Professionals.

The institute understands that the needs of various segments of individuals is different. With an intent of reaching out to all, the institute has come up with special classes for working professionals. Thus based on the preference the candidates can select morning or evening classes , and weekdays or weekend classes.

4.Flexible  weekday/weekend courses Batch Timings .

As mentioned above the institute has weekend courses for working professionals.

5.Complete Immigration guidance from Application to Visa ,Travel and Post Landing Assistance.

Besides imparting a state of the art IELTS coaching , the Institute’s staff provides a committed guidance in the selection of the Universities and application to the various courses. Post acceptance, the candidates are provided assistance for Visa assistance , Travel and Accommodation arrangement.

TBIL not only assists the students but also renders help in filing for the Express Entry and Permanent  Immigration(PR) to some of the leading countries in the world such as US, Canada, UK, Ireland,Germany, New Zealand , and Singapore.

Additional Services other than IELTS COACHING

TBIL has not just limited itself to being one of the best  IELTS coaching institutes in Mohali  but has already been recognized as a leader in Spoken English, Personality Development and Computer Training .

Spoken English Classes for Business

The institute conducts special Spoken English classes for business professionals of the leading corporates seeking to hone their oratory skills.Skills play an integral part in making important business decisions such as negotiations, presentations or meetings. Also in the event the parties is a native english speaker, the dealings become a lot easier.

Personality Development Classes

An individual’s persona is the first thing that is noticed in today’s world. Be it an interview in a company , moving up the ladder or be in any situation personality of an individual goes a long way in establishing a credibility. Most people have a misconception that personality cannot be changed and is an inherent feature. However, it is far from true.Personality of the individual is a sum total of traits that the person develops through its external environment.

‘The British Institute of Languages and Overseas Education’ has been a strong advocate in the area of Advanced English and English for the purpose of Business Communication.

Highlights of the Personality Development Course

The TBIL’s personality development course aims to polish the candidate’s personality personality development course polishes & improves your presentation & communication skills.

Personality Development

The course helps one  to deal with people effectively. Another added advantages are that the candidates receive guidance on health and personal management accompanied by soft skills.

Classes for effective Personality Development. Classes on Personality centred on a particular Emotional and behavioural pattern which determines an individual’s character assist in upgrading the candidate’s persona thus enhancing the natural charisma.

How has TBIL contributed to the IELTS Coaching?

There is a saying by Sir Issac Newton that sums the importance of mentorship “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”
Anyone can only achieve the above goals , should he tap the right resources,  through an able guide. An industry’s trendsetter in the areas of IELTS coaching, TBIL has taken tremendous strides in the areas of English Language, Personality Development, Computer Training and Immigration for Study, Work or even on Permanent Residency(PR) .

TBIL -A trendsetter Institute for Overseas Proficiency Exams .

Overseas Proficiency exams such as TOEFL, IELTS and PTE have always remained as one of the institute’s  flagship courses that continue to attract candidates for enrolment. As mentioned earlier , any likely immigrant on an express entry the points in English proficiency exams shall always play a critical role in the CRS system.

The institute’s complete program exposes you to all the nitty-gritty details of the exam and provides you with tools to aim  towards a high score in the exam. The study methodology at the institute ensures that the concepts are simplified so that they can be easily grasped by the students.TBIL is also widely recognized for imparting coaching to the students in two popular Foreign Languages of German and French. In a global scenario, the importance of understanding a foreign language is always an added bonus.

Study Material for IELTS Coaching

Study Material for IELTS provided by the institute is self-sufficient in enabling the student to prepare for the exam. By that we mean that the Institute has an exhaustive study material that covers the entire syllabus and practice tests .
Candidates who plan to prepare seriously for the IELTS Exam should only refer to the best and when it comes to IELTS coaching there is no better resource than the study material of TBIL . Reference books and Practice Tests accompany the previous years questions thus giving the candidates an idea of the pattern and format.

The study material is loaded with IELTS  preparation tips that help the candidates in saving tremendous time . In addition, referring to these IELTS preparations, tips go a long way in helping candidates in achieving a better IELTS score in the final examination.

IELTS Preparation Tips

The institute’s indigenously developed study material  extensively covers the course curriculum and has enough practice tests for strengthening the skills for the exam.

Importance of four English Language Skills

The four English Language Skills namely Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking not only forms an important constituent of IELTS exam, but prowess in the above can escalate the career graph of any individual by leaps and bounds.

Communication in fact has been the most influential factor in an individual’s life. From a casual Chit Chat to a professional Negotiation dealing, the importance of communication cannot be denied under any circumstances.

Impactful conversations are needed to deliver unexpected results. An effective speech with oratory skills can help the audience glued for hours together, while an effective meeting aided by negotiation skills  can crack a key business deal for you. Use of apt Vocabulary and tone for the occasion helps to convey the meaning to the other party effectively. Effective Communication is an essence of sharing of thoughts and feelings between people through speaking, writing or body language. The importance of effective conversation can’t be compromised on any grounds as it is the only way to effectively pass one’s intent to the other party. Communication Skills play a great role in the Speaking section of the IELTS.

Future Trends in Overseas Immigration

Recent years have seen a phenomenal surge in overseas migration. Better opportunities and lifestyle are two of the important factors that have propelled individuals to look for avenues abroad. More and more individuals over the years are seeking on moving abroad permanently or for education owing to relaxed policies by some countries and affordable overseas education.

TBIL-Your Guide to a stress free Overseas Immigration

Overseas migration or enrolment is an extremely lengthy process that requires many intermediate steps.

  • Completion of Application forms.
  • Necessary documents such as Educational Work Experience.
  • Proficiency Test Examinations .
  • Employment Letters .
  • Sponsorship Letter (If any)
  • Financial Statements just to name a few.

Great prudence needs to be applied in submitting the application, for any error in filing and submission of the forms might result in the rejection of the application.

The adept consultants of TBIL provide an all around assistance to the candidate from the filling of the application form, IELTS preparation , submission of the application form. The institute also ensures to provide a stress free travel and stay of the candidate upon arrival overseas.Here are a few advantages that the candidate can avail by having our services:

  • Guidance from the experts with years of experience in the trade.
  • Professional Portfolio including the necessary documents that need to be submitted for success.
  • Accurate evaluation of the candidate about his chances of success.
  • Updated understanding of current regulations which generally are missed by the candidates.
  • Assistance with the preparation of IELTS, Visa Interview and Travel Arrangements post-approval.

TBIL is an ideal choice for any prospective overseas bound candidate. Recognized as one of the best overseas consultants in Mohali, the institute has been rendering help to individuals and helping them carve a lucrative niche in an overseas country of their choice. The institute has continuously driven towards offering transparent, foolproof and stress-free immigration services to his clients. The results are obvious in the form of success stories in approval of PR or selections in the leading educational institutions in the world.

TBIL has one of the best English communication programs in Mohali. The Institute has customized programs designed at the corporate level for various domains aims and often conducts workshops that focus on the development of behavioural traits amongst the candidates.

Mohali Branch Address

SCF 121, 2nd Floor Phase 3B2 Above Karnataka Bank, Near Dominos and Touchstone Mohali, Punjab 160062