Languages Institute

Member of the British Council IELTS Partnership Programme. | Resource Partner- Cambridge University Press.for 2018-19

Training You to Use International Languages for Worldly Success

Where you are an organization of international repute and want your staff to be trained to speak international languages like French and German, other than English to interact with the clients, then you are on right page. We are a member of the British Council IELTS Partnership Programme and this helps us offer a variety of English language competency courses like: IELTS and Business English. Other than these, we also offer PTE, TOEFL, spoken English classes attuned to any user level from beginner to advanced, and French and German languages.

Over the years, we have proved ourselves to be the most distinguished language-training institute offering coaching classes for English, French and German languages.


When it comes to assessing your English language competency, IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most recognized English language test accepted by over 9000 organizations across the world. By assessing your English skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking in the real-life situation, IELTS prove to be the most widely accepted language test for the users who want to migrate to another country and perform in the English-speaking environment at work and study.

We offer excellent training through our IELTS classes that helps you to score the highest band. Our professional trainers help you to build the necessary skills to perform well in the all the four modules and also groom you in the real-time work or study environment to make you a professional. The interactive classrooms at TBIL offer excellent IELTS coaching and stimulating you to perform exceedingly well in the real-time situations.

You can reach our IELTS exam preparation center at TBIL easily for we are located near the railway station.

French Language

Let your reason for learning French be anything, we, at TBIL, can meet your needs! With most of the businesses being globalized, there comes a need that you have to speak the language of your client, which happens to be French. Your success depends on creating a lasting business relationship, which is easily possible by being able to speak multiple foreign languages. At TBIL, French language learning helps you stand out at the work place, where you need to demonstrate goodwill in the organization and facilitate communication.

With our French classes, we help you attain your business or personal objectives and train you to the level required starting from the basic level. We create an environment where your enthusiasm is kept high by using the language in real-time scenarios. You can join TBIL to learn French and experience the French culture learning fashion, literature, art, and more.

German Language

If you are planning to visit Germany for study or work and you want to learn German, TBIL can help you get trained through interactive sessions. Being one among the three languages used mostly by people in the world, German language learning helps open up the world of higher education and international business, where you feel confident enough to use the language and build relationships with your German classmates, clients and colleagues.

At TBIL, our German classes help develop your skills incrementally through a suitable course, which is filled with activities and real-time situations. You are trained to learn German effortlessly by our experienced trainers who have considerable exposure to help you use it effectively at work or social situations. We help you learn and remember the words easily by using various methods like connecting German with English as they share the similar Germanic root.