Spoken English

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Spoken English


Customized Spoken English Courses to Help You Achieve High in Career

Recognized as a leading English language training institute, TBIL or The British Language Institute for Languages has carved a niche for itself as the best institute for spoken English classes in chandigarh. We take pride in being a professionally managed institute, which is specialized in offering training in Spoken English courses, IELTS, PTE and TOEFL certification courses, foreign languages like French and German.

Offering Spoken English classes in Chandigarh in three levels of Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, learners can find themselves progressing incrementally from one level to another level, gaining a strong foothold in English language proficiency. This helps you develop skills in the four aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing of the language.

Role of English Language in Students’ Life

With English gaining the status of global language of education, as well as business, the number of students who want to learn English is increasing in number every day. Not to forget, its popularity is growing with a large number of people taking up IELTS, PTE and TOEFL tests. At TBIL, we encourage learners by offering the Spoken English courses designed in such a way to suit the level of language efficiency of the user.

Students, in India, learn English as a second language in schools and colleges and since then, they have understood its significance. Other than the academic subjects that are in English, students find it essential to master the English language both in written and spoken form to not only to excel in exams but also to attain job or foreign education opportunities. Students who are excellent in written and spoken English are sought by multinational organizations. Hence, it is essential that every student master this second language to develop in his/her career.

Since the inception of The British Language Institute for Languages, we have been working on improving our course syllabus to help students acquire it in a fun way, where we use engaging materials and highly skilled trainers to offer best spoken English classes.

Why is Spoken English More Important than Written English?

Spoken English is today getting a lot prominence for anyone who wants to convey his/her idea should be able to do so without any hindrance. Though writing English is difficult and asks for grammatical accuracy in the language, a few people who could write well find it difficult to speak. As a result, they will not be able to express their thoughts if they are in a country, where a majority of people speak English.

The most popular adage says, the “First impression is the best impression”. It applies when you attend an interview, which is face to face and demands excellent communication skill to compete with other candidates. The questions asked in the interview are tricky and they are to be answered skillfully by the candidates. This asks for good spoken English language skills. At TBIL, we are regarded as the best spoken English institute for our spoken English classes in chandigarh are quite comprehensive and include a variety of lessons and activities drawn from real-time situations.

Our expert trainers at the institute are quite experienced and have spend much dedicated time researching and preparing course materials for various levels to offer best spoken English classes in Chandigarh and help students practice and master the language.

Importance of Spoken English in the Contemporary World

When it comes to Spoken English, there are numerous factors that make it an essential tool of communication in this modern world. English, as a foreign language, is accepted in several countries and hence, when the people from two different countries meet, they communicate with each other in English. The spoken English institute conducts face to face and online courses to help people learn the language easily.

We, at TBIL, are famously known to offer the best spoken English classes and thereby, we encourage adults and children to learn and use the language effectively. Students who learn spoken English are found to good in conducting research in the science, medicine and engineering fields.

Proving their English language efficiency, people across the world immigrate to foreign countries to work or study. Most of the foreign countries are known to have a large number of English speakers. Our spoken English classes in Chandigarh helps prospective students in learning English language who dream of migrating to any international country.

The Internet is another platform, which is known to have influenced majorly by English. About 99 percent of information available online is in English. The spoken English has gone digital to become a voice process and the best spoken English institute trains students to take up various job opportunities in this field.

The influence of spoken English is much greater in business, as all the international transactions conducted around the world are in English. We offer excellent training via our spoken English classes in Chandigarh and induce you to perform exceedingly well in your professional career.