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Study in Canada

How to Apply for Study Visa – Canada?

Among the few promising destinations in the world, Canada prides itself for being a country that receives the largest number of student immigrants. The country magnetizes people with its cities that are melting pots of multicultural society, where they can live together, enjoying high standard of living, world-class education, better employment opportunities, excellent healthcare facilities, and more.
Seeing these benefits, a large number of students immigrate to Canada by applying for Canada study visa. At TBIL, we assist you with your career goals by not only choosing the right university and course, and dealing with the admission process but also with applying for the visa and meeting the Canada student visa requirements.

Some Reasons Why You Should Study in Canada

Canada is recognized for its high-quality of education offered through the leading universities in the world. Acquiring a degree or certificate from a university in Canada is highly recognized and valued by companies across the globe. With most of the universities being research-intensive, Canada tops the list of the best university rankings, offering extensive scientific research opportunities. Meeting the Canada study visa requirements, you stand to gain an opportunity to study in Canada. Here are a few reasons why you should study in Canada.

  • Known for the most affordable living and studying cost
  • Offers varied study options, with diverse range of specializations
  • The education system in Canada is ranked high
  • Campus lifestyle is quite stimulating
  • Gain work experience while studying
  • Can do and be a part of research for industry in Canada supports research
  • Get scholarships and financial support from different universities or institutions
  • Find enough job opportunities
  • Be a part of diverse community and interact with people of other countries, religions and cultures
  • Guarantees safety and security for immigrants

Get to Know Canada Student Visa Requirements?

Before you could travel to Canada as an international student, you are required to apply for a Canada study permit. You need to have the following documents for meeting the Canada study permit requirements and they are:

  1. A valid passport or a travel document
  2. Two passport-size photographs, wherein you need to write your name and the date of birth on the back
  3. An acceptance letter issued by a Designated Learning Institution (DLI); here you need to have the original letter
  4. A copy of evidence showing your financial capacity to pay for
    • Tuition fees, as well as housing fee
    • Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) showing at least Canadian $10000 from a Canadian bank
    • Your staying and food expenses, as well as your family’s, in case they accompany you
    • Return flight tickets for you and your family members, who stay with you in Canada.
  5. A proof of English language proficiency with a minimum of 6 band level in International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or NCLC level 7 in Test d’évaluation de français
  6. A police certificate showing your good character of no criminal records.
  7. A letter explaining your desire to study in Canada and that you realize your responsibilities as a student
  8. A medical report showing your good health
  9. Any document to convince the immigration officer that you will return after the completion of your studies.

How Can TBIL Help You Get Canada Student Visa?

The place where you want to study in Canada, you have to apply for it and attain a study visa. At TBIL, we have Canada student visa experts who can assist you fill in the application for the student visa and also help you get all the documents that are required in support of your claims in the application form. In addition, we also deal with any enquiries from the Canadian immigration department and respond to those on your behalf. Where there are any changes like any mistakes, change of address, additional information, etc., we help you update such changes.

While dealing with the Canada student study permit, we also offer expert advice to help you with your career goals. Having considerable experience in the field, we can assist you in choosing the most appropriate course and university in Canada depending on your past academic records, work experience, future ambitions and financial profile. Our team of experts in application and admission process can help you fill out the applications accurately for the university or college of your choice and ensure that you obtain a offer letter from it.