New Zealand Student Visa

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Study in New Zealand

We Show You the Way to Obtain Study Visa – New Zealand

New Zealand is one among the few leading destinations where several international students choose to further their career. With innumerable Indian students find New Zealand as their career destination, we, at TBIL, help them connect with the best institutions by finding an appropriate course, applying at a university and guiding the New Zealand student visa process.

Located ideally in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand constitutes several small islands, where the main islands are the North Island and South Island. The varied topography is another feature of the country, where you can find pristine beaches, lush-green forests, magnificent mountains, and splendid valleys across the regions. Here are some of the reasons why you should study in New Zealand.

Some Reasons Why You Should Study in New Zealand

Where you are one among those who aspire to study in New Zealand, here are some of the reasons that help you know why you should proceed to realize your dream. At TBIL, we provide you a stepwise guidance for the entire New Zealand study visa process for entry in a university of your choice.

  1. Most of the universities and educational institutions in New Zealand provide good support systems for foreign students though they are known to protect the ethnic minority.
  2. New Zealand offers high-school education and university qualifications recognized across the world, with the National Certificate of Education Achievement (NCEA) accepted in many countries worldwide.
  3. Studying in New Zealand costs less for the tuition fee at several educational institutions are relatively lower than those in other countries, so you do not have to spend much to study in New Zealand.
  4. Having one of the friendly multicultural societies, New Zealand offers a welcoming community of people, who do not engage in any open racism or violence.
  5. With an array of courses for academic, vocation and professional interests offered by the best universities, colleges and secondary schools in New Zealand, we, as the best study visa consultants, help you in choosing an appropriate course that links with the interest.
  6. As a student, you get an opportunity to work on a tertiary student visa for maximum 20 hours per week and up to 40 hours during vacation. We, as New Zealand student visa consultants, can help you apply for a 12-month work permit on the completion of your degree.

Get to Know New Zealand Student Visa Requirements

Acquiring a New Zealand student visa, you get a chance to study in globally recognized universities or secondary schools that offer degrees, certificates and diplomas. Our expert study abroad consultants will help you meet the New Zealand student visa requirements that are mentioned below:

  1. You need to provide a certified or a true copy of passport. In case of having a ‘certificate of identity’ to help you travel from the government in your country, you can produce that. You also need two acceptable photographs.
  2. You have to prove that your health condition is good by following the health requirements laid by the New Zealand government.
  3. The system asks for submitting a police certificate as a proof of your good character if you stay in New Zealand for more than 24 months.
  4. Your intention to travel to New Zealand must be genuine. As a responsible New Zealand study visa consultants, we ensure that you are assessed bona fide by helping you to have all the details to affirm your assertion given in the application form, as well as about your personal situations.
  5. You need to prove that you have enough money to live on while in New Zealand. For the purpose, you have to furnish enough evidence.
  6. There must be a return ticket to leave New Zealand or a sponsorship to meet forthcoming travel expenses.
  7. You must also support yourself with insurance covering medical and travel expenses for the length of your stay for study in New Zealand.
  8. To undergo any practical work experience as a course requirement in New Zealand, you have to provide enough evidence for the same.

We Assure You that We Can Help You Get New Zealand Student Visa

We understand the importance of your future goal and work towards it with a complete focus on helping you attain it. Our extensive knowledge and experience has helped us prove ourselves as the best student visa consultants and provide appropriate guidance in choosing the right university and course, as well as applying for the New Zealand study visa.