Study Abroad in Germany-7 Perks of Study in Germany

Reasons for Study Abroad in Germany

There are many reasons for Study Abroad in Germany for it being rated as one of the leading and powerful economies in the world. Germany provides prospective Immigrants with tremendous opportunities for growth. A great number of residents hold a positive image of immigration thus making it an attractive option for the International Students. Let us explore the 7 benefits of Studying in Germany. Also, this article explores some of the top courses for International Students in terms of the career prospects available.

7 Reasons for Study Abroad in Germany

1. Tuition Cost

Unlike education in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom, where the student has to shell out exorbitant Fees for Tuition, the cost of education in Germany is markedly lower. Cost of the Tuition and Living expenses is the foremost question considered by the students when planning for a study abroad program. There more than 300 Academic Institutions of Higher Education in Germany and most of them receive aid from the government which comes to lower tuition fees and in some case almost negligible fees as well.

2. Plentiful Scholarships

As discussed earlier one of the reasons for study abroad in Germany is virtually no tuition fees. The German Education institutions offer abundant merit-based financial aid in the form of scholarships thus making it almost a hasslefree education. Any bright candidate can thus expect to get rid of any worry on the academic performance basis. Student benefits and discounts come to a bright overseas student’s rescue.

3. Plenty of  courses and colleges

Germany has more than 300 institutions for higher education to chose from. With the colleges in abundance, the students can choose their institution on the basis of the subject of their respective interests. Unlike in India where the student has to choose a fixed course curriculum, the student studying at a German Institution can choose from various courses-subject combinations. There are myriad courses and programs, a student can choose from as per the interest.

4. Ranking of Colleges

Many of Germany Universities are ranked high and have a great International standing in the area of Business, Law and Engineering. Amongst the top-ranked German institutions are the likes of Heidelberg University, Technical University of Berlin and University of Bonn. Besides, there are many German Universities that are equally ranked amongst the leading 200 universities as per the QS World Rankings.

5. No language barriers

Most of the International Students are concerned about the language of instruction. In spite of many universities offering courses in German, which might be intimidating, there are others where the teaching curriculum in English. The flexibility of the curriculum in both languages facilitates the Non-German students to carry with it easily. Even the notices and circulars are issued in both the languages, to facilitate non-German speakers.

6. Opportunity to learn new languages

Abundant German Universities offer courses in both English and German. There is thus no doubt that flexibility exists thus making it easier for International Students. However, another advantage of studying in Germany is the opportunity to be an expert in a Foreign Language like German. German is one of the toughest languages in the world to learn and being in Germany one can learn from the best and the most authentic. Wouldn’t it be great to learn German in Germany? Being Multilinguistic is a valued skill set that can add weight to one’s career profile.

7. Cultural Hub

Low Tuitions and abundant highly ranked academic institutions attract students from the world over.A student from great numbers come from all countries. Thus the country is a melting pot of various cultures and the country has a sensitive approach towards the other cultures. Germany is indeed a great learning centre.

Germany offers a quality, Global and highly-subsidized education unlike existing anywhere in the world. It also helps the students to land great prospects after graduation. Thus, the perks or advantages of study in Germany far outweigh any potential risks or shortcomings.

Top Courses to Study in Germany

Study in Germany

Some of the popular courses amongst the International Students range at all levels from most sought after fields of study are Baccalaureate/ Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate, and Short certificate courses. Courses in demand range from Engineering, Sciences and Business. Here are the leading courses sought by International students.

Business Administration And Economics

Business Schools in Germany are one of the best in the world. The German education system is in sync with the most innovative teaching methods and techniques and the most eminent faculty from around the world in their respective expertise. Getting an International degree from any of the following German universities under your belt could be one of the smartest decisions you will ever make in your life and career. Universities like Heidelberg University, Technical University of Berlin, and ESCP Europe Business School, offer majors in Economics and Accounting.

Numerous German universities are known to offer courses at various levels specializing in popular domains in Civil, Criminal and Public Law. These are further sub-segmented in Social, Industrial, Fiscal, German, International, medical law, among others. The curriculum is mostly theoretical although the universities accompany it with practical examples.

Dentistry is one of the popular courses among International Students pursuing a medical career. The specialization requires targeted skill-set and specialized scientific education. German universities offer an all-around training program so that high-quality dentists enter the area. This is certainly one of the top courses to study in Germany.

The Technical Programs from some of the leading universities in Germany such as the University of Berlin are the leaders in Engineering and Technology. The disciplines offered are Civil, mechanical, electrical, computer science, and Automotive Engineering. With so many options to choose from, engineering aspirants from around the world can select the one best suited to them.

Why Study in Germany?

Besides the above courses, Germany ranks high in imparting education in  Arts, Psychology, modern language, world literature, philosophy, and life sciences. The flexibility of these courses being offered in both languages of German and English makes Germany an ideal destination for study.

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