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Study Abroad

We Assist You Study Abroad in Your Dream Country

While studying, deciding to study abroad is one of the most essential and rewarding decisions any student ever makes in his/her life. This is for the prime reason of experiencing distinctive things of your lifetime, while acquiring an international degree and progressing in your career. At TBIL, our study visa consultants, who are quite knowledgeable about the visa services and study opportunities abroad will help you learn your chances of studying in some of the leading destination countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more and understand the benefits that you gain.

Being one among the leading study abroad consultants, we provide students some of the best study options working with more than 500 educational institutions across the world. With this we ensure that they receive high quality of education set through learning and research by a country. Our team of highly skilled study visa consultants helps in preparing and guiding you to join the best university in a foreign country and become successful in your career.

Some Valid Reasons to Study Abroad

Most students today aspire to study abroad to enhance their career. This helps them gain numerous advantages like:

  1. Diverse and wide range of study options: Where you plan to study in a foreign country, you get access to an array of courses, which includes research options and job training. These courses or programs are largely career-focused and designed to meet the requirements of the job market.
  2. High Standards of Education: To study abroad, you get accessibility to high-quality education.
  3. Get international exposure: Being a foreign student, you are exposed to the situations like managing studies, research and work. You learn how to manage time, deal with people of different cultures and languages and become more responsible. You are independent and bound by your decisions.
  4. Increases employability factor: Your international degree and experience are quite in demand when it comes to working in a foreign company. By studying abroad, you prove that you have enough understanding and exposure to different cultures and dealing with people.
  5. Chance to improve your language skills: Where you study aboard, you interact with a lot of native speakers and get to understand them well. This helps you to learn the language relevant to their culture.

Study in Australia to Join the World’s Leading Universities

When you desire to study in Australia, you get an option to choose from any of the three types of higher education like the bachelor, master and doctoral degrees. Australian universities help you with any of these by offering you a variety of courses like management, science, humanities, engineering and technology, commerce, health sciences, law, accounting and finance, medicine, environmental science, and so on. You can select from 43 universities and other institutions, which are specialized in the above courses for your higher education. Being regulated by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), they give high quality assurance.

Varied Study Programs to Choose to Study in Canada

Canada’s education system helps you to join any of the degrees like bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral for higher education. With various colleges and institutes offering one to three-year programs, graduates can qualify themselves to work in specific jobs in different fields such as business, social services, health, agricultural, computer technology, trades (like electrical, plumbing and carpentry), mechanical, and others. Most of these colleges issue diploma and certificate programs to help study in Canada and they are recognized by governments.

When it comes to choosing a study abroad Canada program in a university in Canada, you have plenteous opportunities to learn the course of your interest taught by the leading teachers and professors in the world in the multicultural environment.

Study in New Zealand Universities for Higher Education

When it comes to the higher education in New Zealand, which is called tertiary education, you get access to state-funded universities, Private Training Establishments (PTEs), and Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs). Ranked by the QS World University Rankings, the universities in New Zealand offer numerous degrees like the Bachelor Degree, Associate Degree, Professional Certificates, Professional Master Degree, Graduate Certificate, Traditional Master Degree and Doctoral Degree. If you study in New Zealand, you are assured high-quality education for the education in the universities is governed by the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF).

How Can We Help You Study Broad?

At TBIL, we are recognized for our vast experience in this field. As the best study abroad consultants, we study your future ambitions and relate them to your past academic records and work experience and accordingly help you to find the most suitable course and university. Also, we help you to fill out the applications accurately of the universities or colleges of your choice and see that you get the letter of offer from them. Meanwhile, our team of student visa consultants will work on the application and admission process.

Joining our IELTS/PTE coaching classes, you get to achieve accepted test score. Other than these, we also help you in preparing an effective resume and guide you in writing the best Statement of Purpose to study abroad in your dream institute.