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Study In UK

Study In UK
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Study In UK

The United Kingdom (UK) boasts of the world’s oldest universities and colleges, some about 800 to 1000. Coming from such strong legacy, education in the UK has become a benchmark for other countries.

Here are the top six reasons to increase the popularity among Indians to study in the UK :

  1. Universities in the UK have proved their ability to perform, achieve & excel in scholastic activities .They certainly have the best academic standards in the world.
  2. Practical and hands on study mode with application based comprehensive study module. It helps in job placements too.
  3. Except for Scotland, UK has 3 years undergraduate programs, wherein other countries do it for one extra year. UK also has one year Master’s degree, wherein most other countries have double the time for completing it. Basically, in lower cost & lesser time you get job-ready for the international markets.
  4. Full time work on holidays & part time work on semester days allow you to pay for your costs as well as have job experience. This gives you a head start.
  5. Of course you can have fun while you learn and be covered health wise too along with other benefits. So travelling in Europe, Health insurance are other factors to decide for UK education.
  6. After study – Stay back options, job placements give you the mega entry to your global dream. All the more reason to go for UK study.


Some popular cities in UK are:












Best Universities of Uk:-

University of Oxford

University College London

University of Cambridge

University of Manchester

University of Edinburgh

University of Bristol

University of Warwick

University of Leeds

University of Nottingham


Your partner and children may be eligible to apply for dependant visas if:

  • Your course is full-time, at postgraduate level* and at least 9 months long OR
  • You are a government sponsored student on a full-time course that is 6 months or longer. This means you are being financially sponsored for your studies by the UK government or an overseas government.

If you are considering remaining in the UK to work after you have completed your studies, you may be able to work on your Tier 4 visa after you have completed your course until the expiry of your visa but there are certain restrictions. The UK government has announced a two year post-study work visa for international students. 

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