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Study Visa Consultant in Mohali

Study Visa Consultant in Mohali

What is a study VISA for foreign education?

To understand the whole process of a study VISA, firstly you should know what exactly the Acronym VISA stands for. Visitors International Stay Admission is known as VISA, a legal document attached with the passport of a person who is making his/ her way to visit a foreign country for study.

Many students are aiming to study overseas and prepare themselves for boarding in foreign countries for further education. They’re looking forward to achieving excellence in their specific field of study and pursuing the goal of a standard lifestyle, lucrative job, learning, sharing cultural values, and many other benefits.

Types of study VISA:

A list of western and eastern cultural nations provides scholarships and permits international students to enroll and study further in their prestigious Universities. Multiple of paper works are required with IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. for the English language eligibility approval. According to the study program, there are two types of study VISA are available:

  •  Based on Program Duration
  •  For Type of Student / Program

Study VISA applied for program Duration: This is for those students who are looking for a diploma or short-term courses, training, or internship, etc. for a duration of 90 days or a long-term course duration of 6 months or 180 days. Most European countries prefer to offer long-term VISA which is more than 90 days in duration.

On the other hand, many countries such as Canada, that offers to exchange students to learn foreign cultures and values. many students searching for expertise in a certain study program and get certified as a Graduate, Post-graduate, or Doctorate, all of them need to apply to have a VISA for a type of student or students.

Documents you need to apply for a Study VISA:

  • Valid Passport: Having a valid passport is a primary requirement for travel or migration abroad. You must have to ensure the given Study VISA period; if it needs an extension during a migrating period or you have validity till the end of the study program.

You need to show and submit a copy of your expired passport if you have any; also, must give attention to the extension period. Apply for an extension 30 days before to avoid any incurrence. Always keep some extra blank pages in your passport. It’ll be helpful for further paperwork to avoid any unnecessary odds during the study period. 

  • Bonafide Certificate: You must submit proof of bonafide certificate provided by the academic institution you’re currently studying in as a bonafide student of that institution. It helps to convince the administration to consider your application as a Study Visa.

  • English Language Expertise: A list of the English language excellency test such as IELTS, TOFEL, PTE, etc. are performed to test the proficiency level of the largest communicating language in the world. Certificates of IELTS, TOFEL, or PTE are considered as an ability to join and sustain in the foreign educational system.

Before appearing in any English language proficiency test, you must ensure at which country you’re currently applying for Study VISA and choose the required test for that particular country based on VISA guidelines.

Apply for IELTS.

  • Financial support: You must submit valid income proof to complete study by paying tuition fees of the university or college but also, you’re capable to pay the living cost in that country. Many European countries have government guidelines to have a certain amount of money to migrate these countries.

Process of Application for Study VISA:

The first thing you need is to be clear about the country you’re applying for your  VISA.

You must apply to a preferred University or college to accept your request. After they’ll send an offer letter to continue your further study there, you can apply for a Study VISA.

Secondly, you can apply for a Study VISA online and offline.

  • Online: Create an attractive student profile online and fill out the required form correctly and submit it. You have to pay the VISA Application Fees online at the same time.

  • Offline: First, create an attractive student profile, filling out the VISA application form. Then submit it to the nearest legal authorities along with the VISA  application fees.

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