Tips and Strategies for IELTS Reading

Tips and Strategies for IELTS Reading

Whether you are appearing for IELTS General Training or Academic, the Important Tips and Strategies for IELTS Reading are based on understanding the overview of the exam. One should be aware of the skills and the pattern required to ace the IELTS exam with a good BAND Score. Although the content of the IELTS Reading exam may vary with the version, (General Training or Academic), the style of the examination is similar and includes questions like Fill in the blanks, Multiple Choice Questions, or sentence completion just to name a few. The content varies mainly to reflect the intent the candidate is aiming at. Thus the students appearing for the academic version are mostly the ones who are seeking admission in professional courses and it is very apt to include the content from their course books. The academic paper includes three long academic texts which are identical to the excerpts from any University. Source of the content include academic journals, magazines, books and newspapers.

On the other hand, the General Training Paper includes content which is more or less general in nature and is related to work or social situations. The source of the readings in the General Training is notices, flyers, timetables, documents, newspapers, instructions and manuals. The version of the IELTS exam is usually given by candidates who are seeking immigration on Permanent Residency or to gain Professional Expertise.IELTS Scores are accepted by immigration and Admission authorities in some of the developed countries in the world like USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. The current article provides a broader perspective to understand the Tips and Strategies for IELTS Reading section of the exam. There is no doubt that one needs to work on enhancing the skills like Reading Speeds, Memory or Retention, Vocabulary and most importantly Skimming and Scanning. IELTS Reading section is all about honing these skills. Besides the above factors, time management plays a crucial role in preparation. Some of the best IELTS coaching Institute’s advent the importance of time management. The British Institute of Languages and Overseas Education,(TBIL), is one of the best IELTS coaching institutes in Chandigarh. The Institute is known for the best infrastructure, study methodology, state of the art Audio Visual Technology and experienced and learned faculty who are deemed to answer the queries of the students with confidence. Considering the exam is lengthy one needs to ensure that adequate guidance and targeted planning should be pursued for the exam. TBIL believes that guidance along with practice is just what one requires to get a high BAND SCORE.

IELTS Reading Exam Pattern

Extremely integral for achieving success in the IELTS Reading section is the understanding of the Exam Pattern. Candidate should be aware of the number and type of questions asked and the time required to answer the questions. All the information form the basis for the development of the strategy for the exam. As mentioned already there are two versions of the exam, one should first ensure if the pattern is the same for both. As mentioned before both the versions only differ in the content with all the other aspects remain the same. Various styles include multiple-choice, sentence completion etc., which are the same for both. A candidate is given a time of one hour to complete 40 questions in full. We recommend the candidates that the time is stringent and unlike the listening examination where the candidate is provided extra time to transfer the answers to the students, the time allocated is fixed and the candidate has to accomplish the task in the given interval of time.

Objective IELTS Reading Section

It is extremely significant to know the skills or the type of questions that the individual should be familiar with before devising the Tips and Strategies for IELTS Reading. Here are a few questions which are sought to test the candidate’s English acumen.

  • Completion of a diagram, Table or Summary.
  • Difference between Main Ideas and Supporting Details.
  • Looking for specific keywords or identifying the central motive of the author.
  • Understanding the Vocabulary as most of the questions are centred around synonyms or paraphrases of the questions

Types of Questions

Familiarity with the questions types goes a long way in laying down the foundation for the Tips and Strategies for IELTS Reading. There is a range of questions which the prospective candidate is expected to answer. Understanding the question type is essential in acing the IELTS Reading Section. Some of the main question types are listed as under:

  1. Sentence completion
  2. Summary, note, table, flow-chart completion
  3. Short-answer questions
  4. Diagram label completion
  5. Multiple choices
  6. Matching information
  7. Matching headings
  8. Matching sentence endings
  9. True, false, not given

Candidates should remember that the Tips and Strategies for IELTS Exam would be a complete failure if one doesn’t pay attention to these minor aspects.

Important Tips and Strategies for IELTS Reading.
An individual keen to score high one should adhere to the Tips and Strategies in IELTS Reading stringently. Here are some of them that are guaranteed to give students dividends.

1. Avoid focussing on each of passage words.
Candidates should understand the art of Skimming and Scanning. Looking for the main words to seek the central idea of the passage. The strategy aids the students to look for meaningful texts rather than wasting time in reading the entire passage and not having sufficient time left for the remaining questions.

2. Practice your reading skills.
One of the most important Tips and Strategies of the IELTS Reading Exam is to enhance Reading Skills. TBIL’s learned faculty lays focus on the reading practices and encourages the student to imbibe reading in their daily routine. Reading a number of texts followed by answering questions makes one understand the pattern of the examination. Appearing in the IELTS examination with just practice with previous years IELTS reading results cannot put the candidate in good standing as compared to someone who has read a number of resources ranging from blogs, newspapers, magazines, and newspapers to choose from online. Practice makes perfect.

3. Read the instructions VERY carefully.
Adhere to the instructions stringently especially in the IELTS Reading as it makes you follow specific instructions. Slight ignorance can hamper your IELTS score significantly. Pay special attention to simple things like numbers written in words,for instance, 52 can also be written as fifty-two. Also, it is important that the candidate should adhere to instructions like the word limit like colours of the cars an individual has in two words. If an individual has a blue and a red car and he is asked to write in two words, the correct answer is red, blue. Following these simple tips and strategies for IELTS can raise your scores significantly.

4. Don’t panic
An advisable tip for IELTS Reading in this regard is to avoid spending time on one question which could jeopardize time on the rest of the questions. The best strategy is to skip to the next question. One can always come back to the previous question if the time permits. Time Management is crucial in every exam and IELTS is no exception. Staying confidence and calm shall let you ace the section with ease.

5. It’s really a vocabulary test
The reading test is a measure of Vocabulary rather than a reading test. Understanding Idioms and phrases, paraphrasing and synonyms is an index to determine a candidate’s vocabulary. Reading, memorize and Review is the three critical aspects of the IELTS reading exam and in order to attain a great BAND SCORE, the candidate should enhance his retention. Seek the meaning of a new word and understand how to effectively use it in a sentence, followed by the arrangement of words and explore its usage.

The British School of Languages and Overseas Education is a firm believer of the fact that every student has the potential of achieving a good BAND SCORE, through proper and systematic Guidance. The Institute recommends the students not to rush for learning and avoid practising in haste, for it only leads to confusion. The questions in the exam range in their levels of difficulty and thus prudence should be used in not overspending too much time on a single question.

It might be likely that the students might have knowledge about the topic asked in the passage. One of the key Tips and Strategies for IELTS Reading section which the student often ignores is answering the question from their underlying knowledge. Always remember that you are tested for the skills in the passage and have to be answered accordingly. One of the advantages of taking guidance from a premier Institute like TBIL is that the student can take guidance exactly under the same simulated environment as the exam and has a better prospect of scoring high in the exam. There is no negative marking and we urge the students to attempt all the questions at ease. Ensure to give yourself sufficient time to transfer your answers to the sheet. All the tips and Strategies adopted in IELTS reading shall be futile if you don’t provide sufficient time to transfer your answers. TBIL backed by so many success stories continues to inspire students to live their overseas dream and provide them with the required support necessary to achieve their respective targets.

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