Top New Zealand scholarships for Indian students

Top Scholarships in New Zealand for International Students

The New Zealand Government, universities and private institutions provide numerous scholarships for international students seeking to study in New Zealand. There are 8 main universities in New Zealand and the fees vary with each university and the intended program of study. International students are expected to pay much higher fees than domestic students. According to the official New Zealand website, the international Undergraduate students are expected to pay an annual fee of NZ$22,000-32,000 (~US$14,900-21,700) per year. The medical subjects such as Medicine and Veterinary Sciences are more expensive than the Social Studies courses. The bachelor’s program usually takes a minimum of 3 years to complete. On the other hand, the annual Tuition fees to pursue a Postgraduate degree at the University of Auckland vary between $32,392 (£17,004) and $46,787 (£24,561).

All the international students are expected to submit the necessary documents of financial support for the entire study program. Besides the Tuition fee, the candidate has to bear the additional expenditure on living costs (Food, Accommodation, Travelling or making calls to your near and dear ones). The entire gamut of overseas education makes it an extremely expensive affair.

Financial constraints are always the prime reason why students avoid seeking an overseas career. The candidate who is keen to receive a quality education, with an affordable fee structure should consider studying in New Zealand.

New Zealand-An ideal country to Study Abroad

Many students aspiring to study abroad find it difficult to select country and university matching their interests and budget. If you want to experience the best education with affordable fees, you should Study in New Zealand. There is no apprehension that New Zealand offers one of the safest standards in the world. Besides safety, the country offers picturesque views that attract students from across the world. Low accommodation and study costs, accompanied by numerous opportunities have made the country one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. Before briefing you about the various scholarships and grants available for overseas students, it is important to understand why New Zealand is one of the attractive destinations for seeking higher education.

New Zealand offers its international students with excellent study opportunities. The country has reputed government universities, polytechnics, institutes of technology, and other reputed private institutes. There are 8 Universities in New Zealand that deliver state of the art education to the students from all over the World. All the universities have been placed in the top 3% of the Internationally acclaimed universities as per the latest QS World University Rankings.
The country’s universities are acclaimed for the courses in Animation, Engineering, Medicine, Business Studies, Engineering Forestry, Hospitality, IT and Computer Science, Agriculture and Healthcare to name a few.
Education System in New Zealand

There are numerous options for students at every academic stage in the various System of education in New Zealand is a combination of theoretical as well as practical training and is rated as one of the best by London’s Legatum Institute. The education system is regarded as the best-funded education system in the world for its highest percentage of public funding in the education sector. Many courses and programs are offered by the institutions targeting the candidate’s varying area of interest. There are mainly ten levels or degrees available for International students keen to study in New Zealand. These are Level 1-4(Certificates), Levels 5-6 (Diplomas), Level 7( Bachelor’s Degree and Graduate Diploma), Level 8 (Post Graduate Diploma), Level 9 (Masters Degree) and finally Level 10 Doctorate/PhD.

Rankings of Universities in New Zealand

New Zealand has a number of universities, colleges, private institutions that deliver high quality Higher education. There are 8 universities in New Zealand, all of which offer high-quality education in various subjects. These reputed universities are ranked within the top 500 of QS World University Rankings, out of which the highest-ranked is the University of Auckland, which is placed at 82nd position and Auckland University of technology which is at the 464. What is unique about the education system of New Zealand is that the students are encouraged to find novel solutions to various problems at hand. The New Zealand Government has invested in higher education to attract an increasing number of overseas students. There are many universities that provide on-campus hassle-free visa renewal and extension services to international students. The universities are entrusted to manage all the visa related formalities in a timely manner. Students can pursue the course in one of the following deemed universities of New Zealand.
Leading Universities For Foreign Studies in New Zealand.
1.Auckland University of Technology
2.University of Canterbury
3.Lincoln University
4.University of Otago
5.University of Auckland
6.Massey University
7.University of Waikato
8.Victoria University of Wellington

The students are advised to check the respective deadlines and necessary eligibility criteria for both admission and Scholarships. While applying for the scholarships the student should initiate the process at least a year prior. These scholarships are highly competitive and merit-based, most of them are awarded to the candidates on a first come first serve basis. Most of the universities also require the candidates to pass the English Proficiency Test like IELTS /PTE and subject-based tests like GMAT/GRE/LSAT. Students can check on the University’s website for the necessary information on documents such as transcripts, experience letters, Letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities certificate and above all the proof of availability of funds. Besides, the student should have a valid passport and an offer letter from a New Zealand education provider for an NZQA approved the course.

Top New Zealand scholarships for Indian students

The New Zealand Government and some New Zealand Universities provide a number of scholarships for international students who wish to study abroad. If you find the option of studying abroad as a dream owing to lack of funds, you are not alone. There is no doubt that studying abroad is a huge investment that not all can afford. Though taking on side jobs in the summer can cover up tuition to some extent, however as an International student one is permitted only a fixed number of weekly hours which are not adequate to cover your tuition costs.

There are however a number of scholarships and grants offered to prospective overseas students. There are various organizations that offer scholarships targeted at general or some particular courses in various universities. Thus if timely tapped one can win a full scholarship to study abroad for 2019. Many of these scholarships go unclaimed simply because of the candidates being unaware. There are two important things that the candidate should be aware of, first where to look for and second the right time to apply. Any delay in the application can actually make you lose on getting the much deserved financial assistance.

1.Government Scholarships for International Scholarships

The New Zealand Government offers tertiary scholarships to the International students who are enrolled full-time at a New Zealand. The international students from the Pacific, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Caribbean and Commonwealth countries are eligible to apply for the scholarships. The popular scholarships are accompanied by the following benefits.
a)Coverage of complete Tuition Fees
b) Living Allowance
*c)Establishment allowance
d)Medical insurance (New Zealand, travel to and from your own country and New Zealand at the beginning/end) of your scholarship,
e) Travel insurance
f) Travel cost to your native destination (1-2 trips allowed based on the length of your scholarship)
g Research and thesis costs for many postgraduate students.
*The establishment allowance is a one-off allowance provided to each new awardee on arrival in New Zealand on the commencement of their scholarship to contribute to their start-up costs.
There are some courses which can be funded by this prestigious scholarship in participating universities.

  • International Development (MIntDev) at Massey University
  • Climate Change Science and Policy (MCCSP) at Victoria University Wellington
  • Public Health (MPH) at the University of Auckland
  • International Rural Development (MRD) at Lincoln University
  • Disaster Risk and Resilience (MDRR) at the University of Canterbury

2.UC International First-Year Scholarships

The University of Canterbury offers scholarships to the International students to pursue a Forestry Science course. Candidates having a prior degree in Biology and Mathematics are eligible to apply. These scholarships are merit-based and face global competition from the best minds. University is highly selective in the award of scholarships to the students who have been overachievers in the academic career. The UIC International First Year scholarship is granted to students commencing their degree programs at the University. The scholarship carries entitlement worth $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000. As mentioned before, the scholarship is usually granted to students who wish to pursue a Forestry Science Course at the University of Canterbury.

3.ADB Scholarships at University of Auckland

For candidates keen to pursue postgraduate studies at participating institutions of the Asia-Pacific region, the University of Auckland offers Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP) for well-qualified citizens of ADB’s developing member countries. There are many entitlements that accompany these scholarships.
a)Tuition fees
b) Return one-time airfare to and from Auckland
c)Living Cost in Auckland
d)Health and Medical insurance in New Zealand.
e)Research focussed cost.
The main objective of these scholarships is to provide the students with adequate knowledge, enabling them to contribute to the economic and social development of their native countries. 5Programs qualify for this scholarship.

i)Master of Public Health
ii)Master of Science (Environmental Science)
iii)Master of Arts (Development Studies)
iv)Master of International Business
v)Masters programmes in Engineering.

4.University of Otago International Research Masters Scholarships

The University of Otago offers scholarships to prospective international students who are keen to pursue a thesis-based masters course at the university. scholarship provides support to overseas students Some of the benefits accompanying the scholarship are a stipend of NZ$15,000 per annum in addition to the waiver of 1 year capped at the domestic rate for Master’s study. The candidates should, however, understand that the scholarship does not include services fee and insurance. The University also awards scholarships to provide financial support to doctoral students(professional Doctorates).
These scholarships are accompanied with the following entitlements to the candidates.
a)NZ$27,000 stipend per annum
b)Domestic tuition fees waiver for 36 months (excludes student services fee and insurance)
Note Both domestic and international students. are eligible to apply for the scholarships.

5.Victoria Masters and Doctoral Scholarships

With the sole objective of encouraging research at postgraduate level, the scholarships are granted at Victoria. The 2 Main Eligibility requirements for the grant of these Victoria scholarships to the international students are that they should be enrolled in a Masters /Doctoral program and secondly, the program should be research-focused.
i)Master’s Scholarship
The scholarship entitles the candidate with $15,000 stipend in addition to domestic fees.
International students are responsible to pay the difference between the International fees and Domestic Fees.
ii)Doctoral Scholarships
The award of Doctoral Scholarships are merit-based and are highly competitive. Candidates from both New Zealand and overseas are eligible to apply. Candidates from any discipline can apply, but the candidate has to prove their intent of research in order to be considered for these scholarships. The scholarships consist of a $23,500 per annum stipend in addition to the domestic tuition fees for up to three years.

There is no doubt that the overseas study can be an overwhelming affair and challenging for many intelligent students. These scholarships provide the much necessary cushion of support in meeting their various expenses. Scholarships offered are highly competitive and are merit-based. There is a range of factors that govern the award of these scholarships such as Academic Performance, Proficiency in Language or the subject intended, Recommendation Letters and Purpose of study. Most of the universities though never reveal their selection criteria but are always on a lookout for candidates who have an all-around personality(Academic, Professional and Extracurricular). There is no doubt that these scholarships help various worthy candidates fund their studies. Most intelligent candidates miss on these scholarships due to ignorance thus leaving the scholarships unclaimed. TBIL provides the necessary guidance and direction to the students with all the necessary information regarding the scholarships(eligibility, application and the necessary paperwork). TBIL, the best education consultant in Chandigarh ensures a hasslefree application process to ensure that the student not only gets admission to the best New Zealand universities but also reaps rewards in the form of a befitting scholarship thus providing the necessary support during his academic tenure.

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