UK student visa requirements for indian students

UK Student Visa Requirements for Indians students have to be met in order to realize their cherished dream of studying at some of the world’s leading Universities. The UK government new International strategy targeted at boosting the admission of International students is bound to witness a surge in the International Student Enrolments. Under the newly announced strategy, the country seeks to attract about 600,000 international students by the year 2030.UK government has also provided flexibility to both Undergraduate and Master’s to enable them to stay for a period of 6 months post-graduation to seek employment. Above two targets are some of the UK’s government’s most ambitious targets with respect to overseas students which predominantly includes students from India and China.includes two ambitious targets for 2030, as well as a policy change regarding international students’ ability to work after graduating. Doctoral students can now work for 12 months post-graduation. Indian Students or International Students in the UK upon graduation have authorization to seek employment for a period of 4 months currently while the PhD students are able to apply for an additional year.

The government intends to make the UK Student Visa Requirements for Indian Students mild following the completion of their respective studies. The government now allows them to apply for skilled work visa three months before their course ends, or have the option to make a switch to skilled workers from their home country for two years after graduation. Owing to the gamut of reasons, there is no apprehension that the UK continues to be one of the most favourite study destinations among Indian Students. Reaching the UK shores to initiate an acclaimed career is never easy even after having received the offer letter from the Institution. Last and most important step is the candidate’s Visa Approval, which grants the candidate legal permission to enter the country to pursue the chosen course of study. Although the officials are not strict about granting the student visa and most often they get approved. The rejection rate for the UK student visa is comparatively low as compared to other countries.

Another reason for pursuing a degree in the United Kingdom is the medium of instruction followed in all their academic institution. All the lectures are delivered in English, which is the International Language and is the language of choice in the majority of countries. Indian students being familiar with the language quickly get atoned to the curriculum taught in the academic institutions. Universities provide the students with flexible options to pursue their coursework which one doesn’t find in his own country. For instance, an Engineering enrolled student can pursue a Foreign Language course on the side and gain credits for it, which is never the case in an Indian university. With all the above features there is no doubt that the universities are at the highest pedestal for being the providers of quality education in the UK.

UK Visa Requirements following the receipt of Offer Letter

Many Visa Requirements for Indian students often lead prospective students to confusion. Most of the students are constantly on the lookout for resources for guidance. Visa officials basically seek to understand the candidate’s ability and confidence to answer a range of questions varying from the purpose of study and intention following completion of the course. Besides these two questions are also centred on their intended program of study along with the source of financial support for the entire course of study. All of these form the core of the essential requirements for the UK student visa application. Great amount of vigilance is needed in the completion of the Visa Application form as the approval is at stake to an extent on the basis of the information filled. Inadequate information or wrong information can easily impede your chances for the grant of a student visa. Tenure and the Category should be aptly filled. For instance, the graduate,post-graduate and doctoral programmes should all apply for Tier 4 (general) visa.
All the Immigration and Visa Application procedures are managed and carried on by the UK Border Agency. All the prospective overseas aspirants are required to fulfil the points criteria to apply for the visa. Students have to satisfy the 40 points eligibility criteria to apply for a tier 4 visa. Prime condition that needs to be satisfied is that the candidate should have received Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the university applied for studies. Another of the conditions is that the concerned university should be recognized by the UK Border Agency. CAS statement comes with the following information.

i) 14 digit reference number, which is to be used in the visa application form.
ii) Sponsor License Number of your institution.
iii) Course details such as Start Date, the Course title, Tuition fees, and Accommodation fees.
iv) Details of the qualifications based on which the offer to study the course was made.
v) Information about funding towards your tuition fees and living expenses.

UK Visa Requirement Documents to study in the UK

UK Visa Requirements include multiple documents that should accompany along with the application form. Candidates seeking to apply for the Student Visa should ensure that the original documents should be accompanied by the necessary photocopies. Candidates applying for the Visa should be prudent in submitting the original document along with their respective photocopies. Essentially there are six documents that need to be accompanied with the Visa

i) Passport Copy.
ii) A signed copy of the completed visa application. For Tier 4 (General) visa, use tier 4 appendix 8 form.
iii) Coloured Passport Size Photograph. (For Picture Guidelines refer to the official website of UK border agency.)
iii) Qualifications: Original mark sheets/ certificates or transcripts listed by the institution that issued you the CAS. Also shall be included proficiency in English language ability.
iv) Proof of Financial Support. Official financial sponsor (the UK government or your home government, the British Council or any other organization), you need to obtain a document stating the total contribution towards your tuition fees, maintenance etc.
v) Evidence of permission to be in the country.
vi) Previous travel evidence, in case of previous passports.
All the documents need to be in English or else they need to be translated. Also, the Visa application form should be filled with caution ensuring all-important guidelines are followed. Applicants should provide the CAS number as evidence to score under the Tier 4 points-based system. (Under Tier 4, the International students need to score 40 points), divided as below:

Point Segregation

1)30 points for a full-time place on a course with an approved education provider which is at level 3 or above on the National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) framework.
Full-time means a minimum of 15 hours of classroom study per week.
2)10 points for maintenance.

Biometrics-One of the Important UK Visa Requirements to study in the UK

In addition to the above-mentioned UK Visa requirements that every candidate should suffice, there is one guideline that they should definitely fulfil. Biometric information is now a prerequisite in the Visa Application Process in the majority of the countries. Biometric information is related to the individual’s distinctive physical attributes which are held with the officials in an automated form. Biometrics plays a major role in the identification of an individual in the event of any investigation. Biometric information should include (Facial photograph and Fingerprints). Candidate can make a prior appointment at the proximal visa application centre of the British High Commission for submission of Application and Biometric information.

Application Fee for UK Visa:

Student as a part of the UK Visa Requirement documents needs to accompany the required application fee as a part of the filing of the student visa.CAS statement is only valid for 6 months and thus the best time to initiate the visa process is 3 months prior to the start of your intended program. Application form along with the documents are submitted online and the appointment is confirmed at the visa application centre. The date of appointment should not be more than 90 days after the candidate submits his online application form. Payment can be accepted through any of the following means.

i) Demand draft from a Nationalized or a Foreign bank: DD should be favouring ‘The British High Commission’, payable at New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Candidate should ensure to carry the Demand Draft while submitting the application at the centre. Bank charges can, however, vary from bank to bank.
ii) Standard Chartered Bank: There are some branches of the Standard Chartered Bank at New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai that accept payment free of charge. Candidates can visit the centre and pay the required fees at the Standard Chartered Bank Facilities located at the Visa Application Centres also.
iii) Online Payment: Online Payment can also be made electronically using a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card.

TBIL – Trusted Overseas UK Student Consultancy in Chandigarh

There is no doubt that the important UK Visa Requirements need to be fulfilled by the overseas students in order to boost their chances of approval of Visa. TBIL provides all the required assistance from helping you choose your desired institution, filing paperwork along with academic documents and procurement of the necessary recommendations which play an integral part in the guarantee of admissions. All these documents need to be submitted on time along with the application fee. Also, another highlight of TBIL is that it provides coaching for IELTS.

TBIL is considered the best IELTS coaching institute in Chandigarh and has a holistic curriculum and experienced faculty that ensure that the student achieves the desired BAND score required for admission to the program intended. Institute also provides information about the various financial aid opportunities available for Indians at the Universities in the UK.

Visa Officials are looking for answers that should be natural and ensures that the major purpose of seeking the visa is for study only. Institute’s acknowledged team are trained psychologists and have successfully mentored many candidates appear for student visa interviews. TBIL designs a professional portfolio for all the students which makes it easy for a UK visa to evaluate the credentials with ease consequently improving your chances of approval. Required Documents including the Educational and Work Experience credentials, Copy of Language and Subject Proficiency Scores, Recommendation Letter, Purpose of Study and most importantly the Financial Statements are all compiled neatly in a folder. Professional services accompanied by outstanding success rate has made ‘The British Institute of Languages and Overseas Education’ the best UK student visa consultants in Chandigarh. Dedicated efforts of the team have led the candidates to seek admission to the world’s Ivy League Universities such as Durham University, University of Surrey, University of Manchester, and Middlesex University. TBIL has been a provider of state of the art study abroad services to the interested candidates for years and it strives to provide its students and the parents with an alleviated experience towards striving for a dream overseas career.

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