Candidates appearing for the first time are confused and often miss on the mandatory guidelines for the examination. For instance, reaching late for the IELTS examination or forgetting the essential stationery item such as Pencil or an eraser can hamper your performance during the examination. All these apprehensions are justified as the candidate is unaware of what should be expected in the examination. Often it is seen that most of the candidates appearing for the IELTS examination don’t pay any heed to the instructions sent to them through the email a couple of days prior to the exam. As a part of the requirement, the candidate is expected to carry the sent email along with him at the examination hall. Some of the candidates fail to bring the letter alongside rendering them ineligible to sit for the examination. The article is an effort to inform the students about the important formalities and the essential items that need to accompany the candidate appearing for the IELTS exam at every cost. Besides these essential elements, the candidate needs to be punctual and well on time lest he would not be allowed to sit in the examination. In the event the candidate has special needs such as disability which needs to accompany the candidates during the test, the Candidates have to inform at least six weeks prior to the test date.


Prospective candidates for the IELTS exam should be aware that they are only allowed certain items to be carried inside the examination hall. Besides, the candidate shall not be allowed to carry anything to eat or drink while the examination is in progress. The only item that is permissible in the examination hall is a transparent bottle of water. Candidates are hereby advised to eat or drink something before proceeding into the examination hall. Three of the four sections of the IELTS exam namely Listening, Reading and Writing Test is scheduled for the same day. These 3 sections take a total of 2 hours and 40 minutes. Speaking test is scheduled for the same day or later for which the candidate shall receive prior information. There are some documents that the candidate need to accompany them as an essential requirement, lest they won’t be allowed to appear for the examination. The article seeks to throw light on four of the important documents that the candidate should carry with him.

i) Valid Passport(Form of ID)
Passport is the only form of valid document accepted for the IELTS examination. School or College ID’s and Driving Licences are not accepted under any circumstances. Original Passport along with the coloured copy is required in the examination hall, failing which the candidate is not allowed to appear for the examination thus rendering him a ‘NO SHOW’. The candidate’s photograph is taken on the test day as an additional security measure which shall be appearing on the candidate’s test Report Form. Only the passports having a valid expiration date are accepted. Passports should hold validity on both the registration and booking dates of the IELTS exam.

ii)Consent Form from Parent/ Guardian if Candidate is under 18 years
Second important form that needs to be accompanied by the candidate during all the sections of the examination is the completed Consent Form. A consent form is a mandatory option for the candidates who are under the legal competence age of 18 years at the time of booking the test or on the test day. Failure to present the consent form shall make the candidate ineligible to appear for the IELTS exam. The consent form has to be submitted to the centre on or before the test date of the examination. It is therefore required on the part of the candidate to have the parents sign a consent form to be submitted at the centre. The candidate is advised to keep a copy of the document for his records.

iii)Pencil, Pen and Eraser
Pen, Pencil and Eraser are the only 3 stationary items permissible in the Examination Hall. Candidates should always carry extra pen and pencils in case of need. The pen is not allowed in the Listening and Reading sections and the candidates should only use pencils whereas in the writing exam the candidate can choose between the Pen and Pencil. Candidate should pay special attention to the writing section to rectify mistakes. While crossing a line through the mistakes ensure to cross it completely. In the event, the pencil is used never use a light pencil. It is preferred that the candidate should either use a B or an HB pencil to make the answers legible and easily read.

iv) Bottle of Water
As already mentioned before the eatables are not permissible in the Examination Hall. The only thing the candidate is allowed to carry with him is a transparent bottle of water.

Other than the four things listed above, the candidate is not allowed to take anything else into the test room.

Preparation for the IELTS Exam

IELTS Exam is one of the most common English Proficiency Exams given across the world. In order to score high in the examination, it is essential that you appear for the exam in a stress- free mode. Of course, preparation is the key to success but ensuring that the candidates are mentored and guided to carry the essentials which form the basis of eligibility to appear in the exam.TBIL or The British Institute of Languages and Overseas Educations ensures that the students not only receive the high-quality guidance for the Exam, but also the necessary counselling on the checklist for the exam. The key feature that sets TBIL apart is the additional personal touch through which the student appears for the exam in an alleviated mode. The valuable Tips and Tricks by the Institute enable the student to achieve the high ‘BAND SCORE’ thus bringing him closer to his desired goal.

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