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Why it’s important to join classes for IELTS in India?

Why it’s important to join classes for IELTS in India?

India is the second most English-speaking country in the world these days. But, some flaws can be a huge barrier in IELTS and can delay the process towards your aims. IELTS is a well-formatted, structured, and extremely professional level of tests to ensure your level of proficiency,  based on the applied category of VISA.

We have 28 states and 8 territories in India and all of the states and territories have a different mother tongue. Even in states, a single language changes its dialect, pronunciation, and intonation. Moreover, although the Indians are using English the most, aren’t experts in grammar, pronunciation, and using native-level English that requires in IELTS.

To become an expert in English for not only IELTS, but to scale up your skills to get a better position in Jobs, or communicate with clients from India or foreign, it’s recommended to join language Institutes experts for IELTS and foreign languages. TBIL provides one of the best classes for IELTS in Chandigarh. Our institute has branches in Thane and Mohali for expert IELTS coaching.

Let’s have a look at scoring systems and bands to successfully qualify for the IELTS test and make your move towards migration.

What is a “band” in IELTS scores?

A “band” is a parameter in IELTS exam scores to determine how good your English speaking, reading, writing, and listing skills are. Based on your required types of visa, whether it is a work visa or a student visa, several institutions are there to figure out your ability to serve yourself by communicating in that country.

If you’re thinking about a visa to migrate abroad for any reason, as a working professional, a student, an investor, a business holder, or for your family you must appear in the IELTS exam, a mandatory process of migration where the British Council is the governing body.

The official description of different bands is here. Let me explain the table given below:

9ExpertNative-level fluency, understanding, writing, etc.


8Very goodNear-native fluency, understanding, writing, etc.


7GoodStrong communication skills in English but limited in specific areas or contexts.
6CompetentGood communication skills in English but not familiar with specific areas or contexts.
5ModestHave limited skills in English using in specific areas, with simple basic communication skills in English.
4LimitedSimple and basic understanding in English, but not familiar with complex use of English
3Extremely limitedNot clear understanding and communication strength; also not have good conversation strength.
2IntermittentA less understanding of complicated words in English and facing difficulties in speaking, reading, writing, or listening.
1Non-userKnow only a few words or phrases to communicate.

A strong vocabulary is a need to speak in any language fluently. Thus, a regular practice of listening, reading, & writing skills helps to improve English vocabulary.

How to improve English vocabulary for IELTS?

To get a good score in listing, reading, writing, speaking, individuals must practice grammar and read different books. Especially, English newspapers, magazines are a great source of learning new words, phrases, and stronger your vocabulary.

There is no particular topic or context on which interviewers are paying attention to judge your English serving skills but it’s easy to understand the level through interviews.

Use videos and podcasts to listen from a different vernacular as this practice for 10-20 minutes a day is genuinely helpful to understand several words, pronunciation, and grammar as well. It’s also helpful to improve speaking by copying them and speaking whatever you’re listing podcasts and videos.

What is the band description for spoken English in IELTS?

Although spoken English or speaking category is the shortest one, divided by four subcategories- Pronunciation, grammatical accuracy, fluency & coherence, and dialectal resources or vocabulary.

Pronunciation: To score well in this category, you must enunciate vowels and consonants properly in every word. You must know where to sound or silent a vowel to articulate your proficiency in this language.

Grammatical accuracy:  As we know the form of words defines them whether they are noun, verb, or adjective and tense as well based on content. You must show your expertise in grammar by using proper synonyms with the correct form to score well.

Fluency & Coherence: This one is the top priority sub-category in speaking skills in IELTS. To show your proficiency in English, you must speak and answer with a clear voice & confidence; also you must continue the conversation without breaking it as a lack of vocabulary.

Dialectal resources or vocabulary:  This is the measurement test of vocabulary and linguistic resources. This sub-category defines how accurately applicants are using words, phrases, idioms, proverbs, etc., and also defines how expert applicants are to communicate with local citizens to serve themselves.

Note: The writing category is also divided into the same, except the task achievement in the place of pronunciation. Task achievement is the main sub-category in the writing skill test, and the other three sub-categories depend on this task achievement defines applicant’s expertise in writing English.

Remember, the practice and using stock of words in real life can make you better in any language. To be proficient in English either you can do it by yourself at home or can join any expert coaching center especially for IELTS.

TBIL or The British Institute of Language and Overseas Education is one of the best IELTS classes in Mohali  and Chandigarh. We’re providing expert help for foreign languages such as English, French, German, etc. which not only helps to improve your skills in each category but improves your vocabulary and makes you an expert in foreign languages also. To score well with 9 bands and achieve your dream of foreign migration, join our institute today. Remember, TBIL is a linguistic institute, limited seats are available for 2022-23 admission.