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The program has been broadly categorized in three streams, namely:

Skilled Workers

1. Applicants with training or exposure of at least two years.
2. It is essential to also substantiate here that skills the overseas workers possess are not available in the US


1. The applicants must possess requisite academic qualifications that commensurate into at least a graduation. The graduation cannot be replaced by academic qualifications and practical exposure.
2. Parallel expertise is not available in the local skills bank of the country

Unskilled Workers (Other Workers)

1. You must be capable of undertaking tasks of unskilled personnel (that require a training or education of less than two years).
2. Parallel workers are not available in the local skills banks of the country.
This class of the permanent visa requires labor certification and a permanent regular employment offer.

A US employer intending to hire overseas worker on permanent basis must obtain a PERM (Program Electronic Review Management) approval that proves that employer is not able to locate suitable workers from local sources. This process is conducted to ensure that entry of overseas personnel would not in any way adversely affect the local labor force.