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The program has been broadly categorized in three streams, namely:

Skilled Workers

  1. Candidates should be able to substantiate that they have been trained for at least 2 years or have had exposure to the same time period.
  2. Furthermore, it is important for overseas candidates to substantiate that they possess skills that aren’t available in the US.


  1. The candidates must be able to substantiate that they have the necessary academic qualification that is equivalent to at least a graduation earned in either US varsity or a foreign university. Candidates cannot replace this degree with academic qualifications and exposure to practical aspects.
  2. Parallel mastery isn’t accessible in the nearby aptitudes bank of the nation Unskilled labourers (Other Workers)

Unskilled Workers (Other Workers)

  1. During the demand position process under this classification, you must be equipped for undertaking errands of the unskilled workforce (that require a preparation or instruction of under two years). The undertakings being embraced ought not to be of brief or regular compose.
  2. Parallel labourers aren’t available in the nearby skills bank of the nation.

This particular category of permanent visa requires worker certification and a permanent consistent offer of employment.

An employer in the US planning to employ overseas labourer on permanent structure must attain a PERM (Program Electronic Review Management) sanction that substantiates that an employer is not able to secure the services of a local worker suitable for the task from the local pool of resources. This procedure is carried out to ensure that overseas worker entry does not negatively affect the local workforce.